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I suppose I should tell you how i came to hear about Serta. It wasn’t from commercials or news ads or those adorable sheep. We were taking our first family vacation to Disneyland in California and were going to stay at our first Marriott as well. My husband had laid down on their bed and was just impressed with how it felt. He commented the next morning as well about how his back didn’t hurt. We loved the pillows so we purchased them, and i vowed to find out who made the Marriott beds.

When we arrived home i checked out the Marriott website planning on asking about the beds, when i seen an actual option to purchase the beds. Who knew you could really buy hotel beds? Through some more googling i found out that a company named Serta supplied their beds. I reached out to Serta for more information on what type of bed this was, thinking it may have been The Perfect Sleeper. I wasn’t too far off since both were in the plush lines.


Serta offered to send my family and I into a local Serta Certified Store, America’s Mattress, to test all their mattress’s first hand. After all, what better way than to feel the difference in all of their selections.

When we arrived we met with Bedding Specialist, Doris, who knew more than Wikipedia about beds. She started us out on a more firm mattress asking which would we rather have, more firm or soft. We said more more soft, so one by one we tested every single bed, including the new Trump Home Mattress Collection. Even those beds just were not “it” for us.

We continued until I came upon the Perfect Day Penumbra. It is such a unique mattress. Built with Latex Cushions, 5 zone Free Flex Innerspring support, and a 20 year warranty. The top of the mattress was the softest material, almost like a stitched on comforter. It was a pillow top and felt wonderful and plush. (Fun fact about this bed, its Sertas most expensive bed, running about $4500)

Next we checked out the Tempur-pedic and the Adjustable Bed Frames for Serta. Similar to a Tempur-pedic, but made so that most of their beds will fit on the adjustable bed frame for the same effect and lower price. I liked the idea of picking out my own bed and the adding the adjustable frame to that, rather than only being allowed to select like a 1 in 5 version.

My favorite line was the Vera Wang collection. Mind you, before we arrived i mentioned to my husband how i had heard Vera Wang made great feeling beds (not knowing she made them for Serta only). My husband had said he didn’t know who she was and it really didn’t matter so long as we chose a bed that would be good for our bodies. Funny thing, when leaving my husband was stuck between 2 of the Vera Wang beds.


After testing out one last mattress, the Perfect Day Eclipse, for me it was a tough call between that one and the one we brought home, Very Wang Natural Poise Super Pillow Top.


The Vera Wang Natural Poise Super Pillow Top is a superb mattress for anyone who likes a softer feeling.
It would be perfect for a person that likes to sink a little bit into their bed, but is still looking for good support.
Vera Wang and Serta are a perfect match of comfort and style,” said Bob Sherman, president of Serta. “Together we are ushering in a whole new era of mattress elegance and comfort for American women—one that is uniquely Vera Wang.”
Vera Wang now lends her extensive experience and design instincts to Serta with The Vera Wang Collection. The collection combines luxurious fabrics and new technology featuring Vera Wang’s signature designs.
  • “Kool Comfort” is the first memory foam to use both recycled foam and minimally processed, plant-based ingredients. It breathes 95% more than other memory foams, allowing cooler, more comfortable rest.
  • Individually wrapped, 95 % recycled steel coils make up a support that conforms to your body.
  • Soy-based is biodegradable.
  • Luxurious and resilient Sunsura fabric keeps the surface cook and dry.

The Vera Wang by Serta Specialty Collection is a mattress collection designed alternative to the traditional innerspring mattress. This collection incorporates the latest in Talalay Latex and Visco-elastic Memory Foam technology to provide a new level of comfort and support.

Now that we have selected our mattress, let me tell you a little about what Doris shared with us.

Doris was amazing. She knew everything about everything when it came to her showroom. Every bed, every design, every competitor. She was honest and told us the good and the bad of them all. Things we never knew. Like warranties, sizes, beds made with half soft half firm tops, what made one mattress slightly different from another, etc. She knew about competitor prices and rules. She was just an overflowing basket of knowledge, and we drank it in. Did you know that you can have a 30 day guarantee on your bed? America’s Mattress offers a guarantee that if after you sleep on your bed, you think you made a mistake, you only pay a $59 delivery fee and whatever the difference is on the new mattress you choose. Some competitors like Kohl’s charge you a 30% re-stock fee. These are things to know when looking at some of your local mattress shops. Also, America’s Mattress offers free set up, delivery and will haul away your old mattress. Now the only side to that is, if you live on a military post, they can not bring the mattress into your home because of insurance stipulations. However they will bring it right up to your door. We learned that if for any reason a coil pops out of place, your center dips, or something goes wrong with your mattress within your warranty, you will get a replacement. Funny thing is, i never knew mattresses had warranties! Serta offers 10, 20 & 30 years on theirs. Our Vera Wang Mattress is a 30 year warranty. I didn’t even know mattresses lasted that long, but a 30 year warranty sure does excite me! (Simply click here to view a Serta Warranty Brochure)

Doris told me stories about customers who came in and actually fell asleep trying some of the beds out. She joked that she would leave them there so long as no other customer wanted to try that bed, but that it was a great seller since people could see how comfortable they were. Before we left, Doris gave both my girls the infamous stuffed sheep. Mind you she met with only us, for probably 2 hours. We were the only people in there and had a very one on one tour. She was truly a great employee for America’s Mattress & Serta.

So lets get down to the delivery, set up and sleep.

From the time we selected the bed to the delivery (because every single order is custom made!), it was about a weeks time. We decided to give our old bed to our girls since they had both outgrown their separate beds anyways. We cracked up once we were moving it to their room because we flipped it over to see the tag and it clearly said FIRM. No wonder our backs were killing us for the last 2 years! But we had never known how to buy a mattress or what to look for in one. This set we had actually purchased off another military couple who were PCSing anyways. It was cheap and in new condition.

Anyways, the bed arrived by a semi truck. Now the neighbors were moving and they had a semi truck as well on the road, which blocked my driver. Rather than getting upset, which i thought he would, he said it was fine and he would “dolly” it down to my house. I hurried and called my husband to come home since i would feel horrible just watching this nice man wheel my heavy mattress down to me. My husband thankfully was only about 3 mins away and brought a friend. The driver was so thankful and joked he needed them on the last drop off.

Because we live on a military base, Serta is not allowed to bring the beds inside for set up, this is just due to some red tape with insurance and odd regulations. However i will say, if you order a queen or king size, have 2-3 guys ready to help. Between my husband and his friend, they were sweating and i paid them in water bottles. It was rather funny though because the Serta beds have very nice handles that you can barely see because of how they are built into the sides, and neither of the guys seen them until the bed was down in its place. All the while both had mentioned “where are the handles?”. I got a kick out of that.

With the split box spring and king mattress down, we all sat down on it. It was more beautiful than i had remembered. That may sound weird, but unless you have seen her wedding gowns, you wont understand the craftsmanship of her beds. You don’t even want to put on sheets just because of the pillow top velvet feel. My husband was the most excited. He came right home from work and studied for hours sitting on the bed. He said he told all his friends about the bed that was coming. It makes me laugh because if you knew my husband, he doesn’t really talk about products unless its something that pertains to a game system or motor vehicle. A bed would have to be truly awesome for him to drop info about it.

Anyhow, that night we both went to bed early, and fell asleep fast. If you are an avid reader of Mommy PR you will notice i am up all hours tweeting and blogging, so to hit the bed at 9pm was a test. I fell asleep right away and could not believe how wide awake i was at 7am. I also noticed i had not tossed near as much as i usually do. I am pretty much a black belt karate star kicker in bed, and after just the 1st night on our new bed, i had not remembered anything at all. No waking up at 2:05am to flip 10 times. I asked my husband his thoughts and he said he just couldn’t believe how great his back felt. Usually he has to take a few Tylenol before bed to help, and it’s just a 360 for him. We love how the bed feels so cooling too. Its as if there is a built in air conditioner inside the bed. You don’t ever seem to get too hot or too cold either. We have a micro-suede comforter and if you have ever used one, you know those make you sweat. Combined with that mattress, its like it counter acts that. We added Bamboo sheets and cooling pillows to top it all off. Something interesting about Serta beds are the encasing. Each is surrounded by a foam enclosure, and unless you buy the Perfect Day Penumbra which has a 5 point zone, the others have a 3 point.

It has been a few weeks now and its still a great mattress. I was talking to my mom about the pros & cons of our Serta and i was floored that i could not give any of you a negative. Usually i would bring up price vs quality but even me being a thrifty person, could not point the price as a downfall. I believe the price was essentially a great deal at about $2500. (Prices may differ by locations, sizes and styles). Most of the beds were far less. I seen majority of the prices between 1200-1800.

Overall, i am sure i forgot something, but i took in so much information about mattresses, box springs, coils, inner springs, and Serta Corporation. If you do have any questions, just leave it in your comment and i will be sure to answer it or get you an answer.

To my husband and I, whether you are looking for a pet bed, crib mattress, or from toddler to king size bed; we would without a doubt recommend Serta. Not just for the price and quality but the service we received seemed as if it would have been no different if we had just been in to shop any other day.





Serta provided me with a mattress & box-spring to aid in my review process.

My items were offered to keep.


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