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I did venture to my local store today and called Andrea and Dawn right away excited to share my knowledge. I was amazed at how much Sears Outlet does. Sears Outlet is like that underdog who does so much good yet is never recognized.

I know many of you wonder where the items come from in any Outlet or Discount store. I figured that it was their own store merchandise from stores around the nation. I was wrong! Some of them do come from other Sears stores, however Sears Outlet actually implemented a really awesome plan to buy up other stores left over or returned merchandise. Not only do they bring in older items, but scratch and dented, returned, and broken. They have on site “mechanics” who work on the products, fix them, actually test them and then get them ready to be sold. Every item Sears Outlet sells, regardless of where it came from or what was repaired, comes with a 1 year warranty and Price Match Guarantee !

Sears Outlet Price Match says that if you find any price lower than theirs (yes even the OUTLET), they will not only match it, but beat it by 50%.

I personally feel that buying up the old merchandise, fixing it up and offering it for such a great price WITH a warranty on that (plus deliver and installment), is not only good for business, but the environment. It takes those items away from landfills, away from cold dark warehouses, and puts them back into the hands of people who need a quality appliance whether or not it looks like a million bucks. I have much more respect for Sears and Sears Outlet seeing this 1st hand in the back of a building where most customers never get to see how it gets from point A to point B.

When I see a flyer that says 60% off, I usually think liquidation sale, or going out of business, however for the Outlet it’s an everyday sale. I actually seen maybe 5 items if that, that were less than 50% off.
I was thrilled to learn Sears Outlet takes Sears Card, Sears MasterCard, they offer Delivery and Setup, Removal of old appliances, and they have a Washington  Stimulus package for energy Efficient items.

I have never seen or heard of Sears Outlet before this collaboration. I went in with a clear mind to learn about their ways of business and thinking. I came out with a new found respect and admiration for what Sears Outlet does. The store may not have been visually appealing to me, but the CS agents inside were honest in their attitude to help, and work. I did not see one person out of line, yelling across the store or fighting with management. I also noticed that Christina Atwood herself was assisting customers, and working the phones and cash machines. I could tell this was sincere and an everyday occurrence by the way that none of the other workers made is seem out of the norm. She was very knowledgeable in every aspect of Sears Outlet, nothing had to be looked up or referenced. She knew every answer I needed.

I will say that the only negative I had was the windows in the front needed a good scrubbing, and I could see handprints on several pieces of appliances that show reflections in a not so good way. I know some staff can be short, so seeing as the rest of the place was unhazordous and clean, I’m guessing those 2 are maybe put aside for more important things.

Here is my Video Montage of todays visit!

Be warned it has music in it. (But safe for kids)
Song- Shopping
By- The Barenaked Ladies

John from Sears Outlet Media Department recently had a magazine interview about the stores. See the Q&A’s below:

1. When was the outlet section/site launched?

We launched the website on November 18, 2008. However, we have only been transactional online since November of 2009. We are continuously making improvements to the customer experience.

We now have more than 141,000 clearance items available online.

2. Why is your outlet section/site wonderful for finding great products at cheap prices?

We are able to meet customer demands across the full product spectrum by offering a mix of new, customized, out of carton, discontinued, used, scratched and dented merchandise at deeply discounted prices. Our site particularly resonates with the customer that is more proud of how much they saved than how much they spent on an item.

Customers are quickly realizing that just because an appliance has been driven off the lot doesn’t mean it is 20-60% less effective. Yet, those are the deep discounts we give off retail every day. Our customers get the same quality, same warranty, and the same lifetime relationship as they have come to expect from Sears, but do so at a fraction of the cost. They often can afford new bells and whistles for the products that are normally not in their price range.

Sears Outlet has leveraged the world class Sears Parts Repair Service to verify the quality of all returned merchandise that feeds into our system.

3. What features, tools or philosophies set it apart from other outlet sections/sites?

All of the products on our site are backed with a “New” warranty. For many of the products our customers can choose between New or Reconditioned products, all at deep discounts. Since reconditioned can mean anything from a slight scratch in the back to a replaced internal part, we have included a detailed description of the item condition and in some cases uploaded actual pictures so that the customer can feel comfortable with the product quality.

Since each product on our site is unique our customers can find a perfect match for their needs by selecting the closest store locations and browsing its inventory.

4. What categories of items are sold on your outlet section/site?
(Apparel? Home? Outdoor? Electronics? Computers?)

Our major product categories are Home Appliances, Lawn & Garden, Fitness, Electronics, Tools, and Mattresses, but we also carry a wide assortment of smaller products.

5. Where do items come from? (Overstock? Discontinued items? Imperfect items? Refurbished items?)

We get a mix of new-in-box, customized, out of carton, discontinued, used, scratched and dented merchandise from our Sears Full Line stores and directly from our manufacturers. We also get new merchandise from 3rd party liquidators.

The majority of our product is merchandise that flows to the customer through Sears’ delivery channels, as opposed to take-with product.

6. Do you have any tips for snagging the best deals on your site? (ie: What days are new items uploaded? Times of day that are best to shop? Loyalty programs to take advantage of?)

New products are added to our inventory every night. Product markdowns are typically taken on Mondays and visible on our site on Tuesday morning.

Our ad week normally begins on Thursday so promotional markdowns are loaded Wednesday night and are reflected on our site on Thursday morning.

Our savvy customers bookmark our homepage which shows some of our crazy deals of the week and has a link to the weekly ad.
7. How long do items typically stay on your outlet section/site before they’re gone for good?

The majority of our products currently sell within the first 30 days. However, we are increasing the visibility of our products online through affiliate programs and I expect the products to sell even faster.

Online customers are savvy enough to find the best products at the best price, which will always lead you to

8. What are your shipping fees? How do they differ from your regular section/site? (Feel free to simply link directly to a fee schedule if necessary.)

We are currently limited to in-store pick up or you can arrange for local delivery at the store. This is why it is very important for the customer to select the stores closest to them before browsing.

We are quickly developing the capability to setup local delivery and national shipping online.

9. What is your return policy? How does it differ from your regular section/site? (Feel free to simply link directly to your return policy if necessary.)

We are happy to accept “In Warranty” returned product after a Product Repair Technician has determined the product is not repairable. A 15% restocking fee is waived unless:
• Merchandise is returned without a prior service call (1-800-469-4663)
• Incorrect fuel type, color and/or style was selected
• Incorrect measurements – item did not fit
• Special Orders are cancelled after 72-Hours

10. Is there anything else our readers should know about buying merchandise from your outlet section/site?

Customers will be pleasantly surprised with our vast assortment of appliances, including many premier brands and luxury models at greatly discounted prices.

We are learning from customer feedback everyday and are continuously working to improve the website and customer experience. As we develop enhancements like local online delivery and national shipping we intend to expand our product assortment to a full array of wholesale products, including apparel.

If you are in Tacoma area, please take a visit over to


Store #4119
5401 6th Ave Ste 515, Tacoma, WA 98406
(253) 752-6261



Store #7538
15711 1/2 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133
(206) 417-3575

Christina Atwood
Christina Atwood

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