Sears Outlet Signature Power Team Applications


Yes its true! Mommy PR is the official Sears Outlet Media Campaign Team Leader of the Sears Outlet Signature Power  Team!

Who are the rest of the members? No one YET!

Mommy PR is accepting all blogger applications.

You can be a Dad Blogger, Mom Blogger, Military Blogger, Grandma Blogger, etc. We want everyone to apply.

We will review your application and go from there on who the next 11 bloggers will be!

There are some very essential stipulations.

—–>>>> 1) We need you to live in close proximity of a Sears Outlet store. <<<<—–

Here is a list to help Click To Open PDF (Please remember your store number from the list for the application)

2) You can NOT be a current Wal-Mart 11+ or Frigidaire Mom

3)  Blog once a month on Sears Outlet, Visit your local store, Tweet or Facebook sales and information, etc.

There are more, but those can come if you are chosen.

Please be advised the application is very in depth and that only Mommy PR and members from Sears Outlet will view results.

You will be offered wonderful Review Items, giveaways, Twitter Parties, etc!!!

(Just to be clear- There Is No Cash Compensation. You will receive Product to KEEP)

Apparently we need to clarify something:

You CAN give and post negative feedback on Sears Outlet. All we ask is that you allow us the opportunity to correct it if possible .

And yes, you must abide by FTC laws on disclosures.

We would like this to start rolling out fast, so please submit your entries asap.

Any Questions can go to


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  2. My application is in! I am so excited for who ever gets picked! 😀 I hope one is me.. I have 3 stores that arent too far.. and I can go to them all.. Having a flip camera for my review use would rock too.. yeaa .. im so excited and cant wait. I hope I make it!

  3. Thank you for this opportunity! I've applied and am not following you on Twitter & FB. Visiting the store in the cities will give me another opportunity to visit my daughter at her school!

  4. I'm so excited about this opportunity.. I don't know if I have a chance in you know what to make it on the team but I'd be a FOOL not to apply! My app is in and now I will be stalking my inbox. 🙂

  5. I certainly hope you're going to pay all of these bloggers to promote Sears with regularity on their blogs and social networks. It's the right thing to do.

    Best of luck with the effort.

  6. Not compensated with giveaways…paid a fair salary for being a spokesperson, endorser, and promoter of a brand to their fans and friends.

  7. I love Sears Outlet…my first fridge we got from there…oh, I loved that fridge! (We sold it with our first house!)

    I'm about to need a new fridge, new double oven, new stove, and new microwave…I'm thinking about making the trip just for just those…Would Sears give me a discount….so I wouldn't have to travel 7 hours to go to the outlet store? 😉

  8. I'm in the Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois) metro area. More specifically, Bettendorf, IA. While I know we have Sears stores (and KMart) here, I don't think there are any outlets nearby… and I didn't see any on the list. What a fantastic opportunity this is!

  9. I applied today, and noticed that the new Sears Outlet near my house in Greensboro, NC isn't yet on your list of stores. I wrote a note in the comments, and entered the next closest store in on my application.

  10. I love Sears OUTLET CENTER! We have one that I pass by every time I head to my father in laws. In fact that is where he bought his appliances from. They have great deals on sometimes slightly dented or discontinued floor models and always great prices. I applied. Got everything Crossed!! I can go there now and take a picture of my self in front of the store if you like 😀 HEY I'm willing to give it a shot if it will get me in. Stalking my Email….Thanks for the Opp.

    ps Whats even great is that there is a 2nd and a 3rd store less than 30 min from my home so I can make a short travel to view what's in all three Sears Outlet stores

  11. There are about 3 Sears outlets in Ohio but I think the closest would probably be about an hour (give or take) away from me. Is that close enough?

    On the side, we live in the Canton/Akron area, you might want to think about putting one here. We do have Sears at our mall though.

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