Sears Outlet: Maytag Gemini 30″ Double Oven Freestanding Electric Range Review


Eeek!  Christmas is just around the corner….are you ready?  With the much appreciated help of Sears Outlet I am in a much better position for all of my holiday baking!

Let me start at the beginning, we moved a little over 2 years ago into a wonderful house that had 1 big drawback that my husband and I were both aware of….a drop in range that is as old as the house.   Now I know what some of you are thinking- not a huge deal but when the cabinets and countertops were built around this range we knew it would be difficult to replace.  During the last 6 months the range has slowly been dying…it took over 10 minutes to get water to boil and 15 min+ to preheat.   Here are some pictures of our old range:

When I learned that I had the opportunity to review a new range from Sears Outlet the first phone call made was to my father-in-law who is the most wonderful carpenter in the world.  Once he assured me he could do the necessary alterations, my family excitedly went to visit Sears Outlet to see what was available.  My only requirement was that the range had to be white (since all other appliances in the kitchen are).  I was amazed at the vast selection offered at the Louisville store.  There were smooth top, coiled, single ovens and double ovens to choose from and how knowledgeable the Sears Outlet staff was.  We quickly narrowed our choices down to a smooth top electric range.  A double oven would be a plus but not a must.

Imagine my delight when I received word that the range that I would get to review would be the Maytag Gemini 30″ Double Oven Freestanding Electric Range.

Two Separate Ovens. One Complete Meal.® The 6.3 cu. ft. Maytag® Gemini® double-oven freestanding range lets you bake at two different temperatures, all at the same time. The upper oven bakes, broils, toasts and warms just like the lower oven. Both ovens are self-cleaning with adjustable levels (light, medium, heavy) and feature PreciseBake and PreciseBroil for improved cooking results.

Key Features

  • Versatile Double-Oven Range Bakes, Broils and Warms
  • Upper Oven Preheats in Half the Time
  • More Capacity
  • Precision Cooking™ System with Precise Preheat in Both Ovens
  • Five Insta-Heat™ Cooktop Elements
  • Deluxe Precision Touch 750 Electronic Oven Controls
  • Separate Upper and Lower Oven Displays
  • Super-Bright Digital Display
  • Control Lockout Option
  • Precise Clean™ Cleaning System

Additional Features

  • Removable Knobs
  • Smoothtop Glass-Ceramic Cooking Surface
  • Dual-Choice™ Element
  • 9″ Insta-Heat™ Element
  • Two 6″ Insta-Heat™ Elements
  • Precision Warming Center
  • Upswept Cooktop Design
  • Dual-Control Bake / Broil Elements
  • Precise Preheat
  • 2.0 cu. ft. Self-Cleaning Upper Oven, 4.3 cu. ft. Self-Cleaning Lower Oven
  • Self-Cleaning Upper and Lower Ovens with Adjustable Levels
  • Optional Create-A-Space™ Half-Rack

We arranged for pick-up on a late Sunday morning and the staff was so professional and very helpful.  Within minutes of my husband and father-in-law arriving the range was wrapped in plastic and loaded into the truck.  Isn’t she a beauty (the boys have named her Mabel- I don’t know why LOL).  Thanks to my father-in-law and husband by the end of the day my new range was installed.

Features that I am in love with:  Smooth top- so much easier to clean and no more little pieces of food getting caught in the coils and causing lots of smoke with the next use.  Double oven-  I have never had the pleasure of using a double oven and am amazed at how quickly dinner is served.  No more taking 1 dish out 15 min early to let the other dishes cook a little longer….every dish comes out at the same time hot and ready to serve!  I especially love to use the top oven for cookies and pizza- quick and easy.

As for my problems with my old stove- ridiculous amounts of time waiting for preheating and boiling water?  My Maytag Gemini preheats in less than 5 minutes and I can get boiling water under 3 minutes!!!

Okay now for the most important aspect- price.  Are you ready to be shocked because let me tell you I sure was.  The original price of this range was $1679.99.  Now: $1007.93 but after the awesome Sears Outlet discounts the final price came out to be $839.93- talk about an outstanding price!!

There were a couple of minor scratches on the very top of the range and the handles of the ovens but barely noticeable.  We did find that one of the outer white sides of the range came loose from the base but since the range is bordered by cabinets on both sides it wasn’t worth fixing to us.

So far we have made Christmas cookies and everyday meals but I am starting the list for my Christmas feast and can’t wait to use this wonderful range!

Not in the market for a new range this holiday season?  No fears because Sears Outlet has tons more to offer.  And now with the ability to ship nationwide the possibilities are endless!

My 2 favorites for the kids:

Union Pacific Train Set:

Regular price: $39.99

Sears Outlet Price: $12.99

Breakfast Playset:

Regular price: $39.99

Sears Outlet Price: $12.99.

Make sure to check out the  Sears Outlet Moms page to see what all of the other ladies are up to and I will update this posting with links to the other moms reviews as they are completed for this month!



I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.

I did receive product or services to keep for my testing purposes.

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  1. I agree with Laurie, that simple change (well not really that simple lol) made your kitchen look 100% better. I have never used a double oven but cant wait to hear how it helped for the holidays.

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