Sears Outlet: Kodak EasyShare S730 Digital Frame


I’m a back for my November review of my local Sears Outlet Store in Louisville, KY.  This time I was relieved to find out that my manager was available during the evening hours so I could leave the kids at home and really concentrate on finding a great deal!


The challenge this month?  Find the best deal for $150 (retail value) or under.  As soon as I was greeted by Sears Outlet super-friendly employees I quickly zoomed in on their small appliance/tool/electronic section since I figured that was my best best for finding something I couldn’t leave without.  Since this month is Thanksgiving I looked for things to help you in preparation for the big day!

For the Thanksgiving feast you have to prepare:

18 pc Knife Set:


Retail price: $40    Sears Outlet Price: $15

Aluminum Pressure Cooker:


Retail price: $70    Sears Outlet Price: $35

Digital Slow Cooker:


Retail price: $80    Sears Outlet Price: $40

Power Knife:


Retail price: $60    Sears Outlet Price: $25

Mixer Pro Stand (I know it is over $150 retail valued but a girl can dream right)


Retail price: $250    Sears Outlet Price: $125

To keep warm while you are up till all hours of the night cooking:

Heated Blankets:


Retail price: $60    Sears Outlet Price: $30



Retail price: $40    Sears Outlet Price: $15

For all of the miscellaneous items currently on your kitchen countertop which must be hidden before the guests arrive:

Heavy Duty 30 lb Capacity Storage Tower


Retail price: $70    Sears Outlet Price: $35

To  help keep the guys out of the kitchen while you are cooking:

4 Drawer Portable Chest:


Retail price: $70    Sears Outlet Price: $42

Craftsman Tool Center


Retail price: $160    Sears Outlet Price: $96

The perfect accessory to show off your kids/grandkids:


Kodak EasyShare S730


Retail price: $130    Sears Outlet Price: $50

And finally for when you are all finished with Thanksgiving:

Double Rocker to collapse in:


Retail price: $130    Sears Outlet Price: $65

So which do you think I picked?  It was a very hard choice between the double rocker, Craftsman Tool Center and the Kodak EasyShare but in the end the Kodak EasyShare won hands down.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your frame off the shelf and pass it around so everyone could enjoy your picture collection? The new KODAK EASYSHARE S730 Digital Frame allows you to share your pictures with family and friends anywhere in your home thanks to the rechargeable battery. The S730 Digital Frame is the first frame to include the innovative Picture Finder feature which helps you easily navigate and explore the up to 8,000 pictures you can load on this amazing frame.

  • Cordless, so pictures can go where you go—take the frame off your shelf and bring pictures back into your life
  • The one-hour rechargeable battery makes sharing pictures around the home simple and convenient
  • The S730 Digital Frame is the first to include the innovative Picture Finder feature
  • Choose any image and Picture Finder will find more pictures from that date
  • Store up to 8,000 pictures[1]on your frame with 1 GB internal memory
  • Use the memory card slot to view and enjoy even more pictures
  • Kodak’s Quick Touch Border with motion sensor makes it easy to operate your frame, allowing you to scroll through your photos, and more
  • Four exciting viewing modes: slideshow, dynamic collage, clock, and calendar
  • Plug-and-play—insert your memory card or USB flash drive with your digital pictures and your slideshow automatically begins
  • Programmable timer automatically shuts down power at preferred times
  • Make your frame even more energy efficient by upgrading your firmware
  • KODAK EASYSHARE Software, Digital Frame Edition (included), makes it simple to browse and edit your pictures
  • The convenient drag-and-drop feature is perfect for transferring pictures right to your frame or onto a memory card or USB drive
  • Create multimedia slideshows on your desktop using pictures, videos, and music and easily transfer them to your frame
  • Listen to your MP3s with built-in speakers
  • Play back your favorite videos and slideshows with sound

My take:  I have always wanted a digital photo frame but have never heard of one that is worth the money.  I love how I can simply unplug it from the wall to share with family/friends.  Having to travel to visit both families this is the perfect way to share the most recent pictures of the boys.  My poor dad always had to put on his reading glasses while trying to squint at the digital camera screen and only one person can look at at time from the camera but with the Kodak Easy Share S730 both are no longer an issue.

I can’t get over the high quality, color and overall crispness of the pictures/videos.  Each just pop out in vivid clarity.  The sound/video is top-notch and there are so many options with the photos.  You can have a single photo or multiple photos on the screen at once,  you can set your photos to music and neatest of all is the Innovative Picture Finder which will find pictures taken on that same date.   It does take a while to get used to the Quick Touch Side Border of the screen instead of the screen.

For the price of only $50 it is yours!  Thank you Sears Outlet for making this holiday season that more special for both of our families!

And remember to include Sears Outlet Stores in your Thanksgiving Day shopping as they will be open from 7am-Noon and of course they will be offering some great deals for Black Friday when stores will be open 5am-9pm. And of course online at Sears Outlet for Cyber Monday.

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I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.

I did receive product or services to keep for my testing purposes.

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  1. Ohhh! Love that you found all sorts of things to entertain guests and sustain you through the Holiday Preparations! Love it!

  2. Kevin Hughett · Edit

    Thanks Andrea for your kind words about our store. I look forward to seeing you and your family each month. Get in for black friday, WOW, do we have some deals!!!!

  3. There’s not a thing that I don’t like there. My store is a bit smaller so I didn’t have all that stuff, but hey, we can shop on Sears Outlet online now!

  4. UGH i love your store! I want that rocker and the Craftsman tool check for 95$ what a steal!

    Btw… did you put a picture of me in that photo frame lol

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