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When we first decided to participate in the Sears Outlet Campaign I remember being super-excited and hurriedly clicking on the outlet stores location link and then being bummed to learn that the closest store was roughly 2 hours away.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I was informed that they were opening a Sears Outlet Store in Louisville KY which would be 20 minutes away….yipee!

I have been impatiently waiting my turn and this past Saturday the Grand Opening finally arrived.  I had no idea what to expect other than reading the other Sears Outlet Power Moms posts and was thrilled at what I found.

First impressions are a big thing for me…I am one of those people who make a first impression and then have a hard time forgetting that impression.  I was immediately impressed at the size of the store, how clean it was and most importantly how friendly the staff was.  As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a friendly smile, a warm hello and a soft spoken “may I help you”.  I asked for the manager Kevin who was quickly found.  I spent a little over an hour at the store and kept my eye on the front door and also on the employees.  Every customer was promptly greeted and if needed given immediate help or if they were “just looking” they were left to look at their leisure.  Every single employee was courteous and if they didn’t know an answer were quick to find someone who did.

Kevin graciously gave me a tour of the facility and showed me the layout of the store.  I know other bloggers have said it before and I will continue by saying I can’t get over the amount of items found in an outlet store.  I am talking several aisles of refrigerators, washers/dryers, treadmills, etc.  Push lawn mowers, ride-on lawnmowers, microwaves and small appliances.  For the first several minutes I just walked around with my mouth opened wide.

As I walked around the store I tried to find the cosmetic damage that made several of these appliances “outlet appliances” and was struck at how minor the damages were- a tiny scratch on the side, a small dent on the bottom and there were several I couldn’t even find the damage LOL.

Now for the deals- I lost count of how many refrigerators were 50% off, I am talking about the ultra-nice side by side ones.  They have stainless steel, white, black and a few bisque-colored appliances.

I am in search of 3 things…a stove, a grill, and a elliptical machine and I found all 3 at great prices.  One of my favorite sections was the fitness section…I saw tons of treadmills, elliptiacals, bikes etc.

Stoves were lined up in rows and there were numerous options…gas cooktops, electric cooktops, induction cooktops, freestanding electric ranges, double ovens you name it they probably have it.

Last but not least the grill…talk about a great price!

Now I know Father’s Day is on Sunday and I also found some really great deals on smaller items:

As I left the store I had two wishes….more grills and a wider selection of televisions but since they have new items arriving daily I can’t wait to see what is available when I visit next month!!

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