Sears Outlet Center: Char-Broil Gas Grill




It has been quite awhile since I have last posted about Sears Outlet.   I can sum up why in a short sentence- We have been way too busy enjoying our new Char-Broil Gas Grill from Sears Outlet.

Before I even got into blogging I asked my husband what were his top items for me to review and one of the top 3 was a grill.  We have been married for almost 6 years and have only used the itty-bitty circular grills you put on the floor.  We were never able to justify spending money on a quality grill when we could use the money for the kids, the house or my student loans.

If you remember my first visit to the Sears Outlet Store in Louisville KY you will notice I immediately focused in on an amazing grill from Char-Broil, retail price was $329, outlet price $229 but they were having a red eye tag sale and it was listed for $197.93.  I took pictures of this grill and was kicking myself for not just buying it.  I went online and didn’t see the grill on the outlet center page for Louisville.   I doubly kicked myself when my husband even admitted that was an awesome price for such a big grill.




Long story short, I submitted my request for reviewing a grill and just happened to call the Louisville store and to my great delight they informed me they had 6 of the grills that I had seen during my first visit (despite in not being on the outlet Internet site.  Once everything was finalized I was so excited to pick up the grill.  My dear husband was even more excited as he put the grill together once the boys went to bed.  (Wouldn’t you know that was a night that the 4 year old didn’t fall asleep until after 9 pm).  In no time at all a beautiful grill was assembled in my living room and moved outside the next day.


The next night the grill was given its first test- steak, hot dogs and hamburgers.  It surpassed all expectations and we have been using it 3+ times a week.  I love it because it allows my husband to do more cooking, it doesn’t heat up the house in the humid, warm weather like the oven would, and because of the great price.  My husband says it is great to grill on, super fast and he only wishes the grates were stainless steel instead of porcelain but given the great price he has no real complaints.


As always I was so impressed with the cleanliness, friendliness and overall professional aspect of my local Sears Outlet Store.  I am amazed at how many new items they have since my last visit.  A new section of books were present that I spent a long time looking at and I happily purchased a Toy Story and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse HARDCVER book for a total of $10.00!!!  I was amazed since the boys are HUGE Mickey Mouse and Toy Story fans and those books are never that inexpensive.


I also loved the vast selection of patio furniture they offered.  The last time I visited there was only one set.  This time I counted 7 full sets!


Other things that caught my eye:  a Hoover Cordless Power Mop 50% off!!



Hamilton Beach Cappuccino Maker 50% off.


I so encourage everyone to take a look at their local Sears Outlet Store secondary to their bargains being hard to beat!



I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.

I did receive product or services to keep for my testing purposes


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