Samsung Black 26.0 cu. ft. French-Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review


Samsung Black 26.0 cu. ft. French-Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Last month i made a split decision to just take a Sunday evening and travel up to my Tacoma Sears Outlet to show my neighbor around. It’s surprising how many people do not know about that place. As much as i see people putting ads in our paper for cheap appliances, i wish i could write each one and link them to that place.

I didn’t tell anyone i was coming this way i could just walk around and take in every bit of interaction.

Walking through the doors, i noticed several new employees, or maybe just new to me. Lots of customers as usual also. We started with the treadmills. Both of us had been looking for one in a good price range. We found several several hundred dollars under the retail price range. One as low as 699.

Next we started on the refrigerators. I had in my mind exactly what i wanted. 3 or 4 doors under $1000. That was not even near as hard as i thought it would be. I found at least 2 handful’s of fridges matching what i wanted. Then i narrowed it down to my top 3. That was the hard part as each one had something i wanted. So my top 3 were a Samsung, GE, and Whirlpool Gold; ranging in price from $899-$1100. All 3 where flat fronts (no water or ice vending on the outside), 3 doors (fridge on top, freezer on bottom), and either black matte or stainless steel. Also all were around the 25-26 cubic foot.

I took photos of each, and i did have my one favorite but submitted my choices for approval.

We then walked around to the beds, which where on the floor to try now. I really liked that since its much easier if you can actually feel the bed differences. Then we ventured over to the beautiful washers and dryers. Don’t you ever just stand in front of those candy apple red washers and think, i could decorate my whole house around this one piece. I just want to take a set home just for decoration. They are just stunningly beautiful….or maybe i am just crazy. Plus those sets look just short of a transformer with how much they do. Buttons for everything, steam, kids laundry, towels, dishes, washing floors…maybe not some of those ; )

Pulling ourselves away from the pretty colors and my future laundry set, i went home, hoping to the lord one of those fridges fit inside my house. Yea, i never measured.

A few weeks later, my fears and blessings came rolling into one. I was allowed to pick up the fridge i prayed for. And it didn’t fit through any of our house doors. Take a look at these photos and just know i am about to explain how i broke my wedding band, and taught my husband to read directions all within 4 hours.

Ya, that’s my awesome fridge. (Samsung Black 26.0 cu. ft. French-Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (RF266AE) ENERGY STAR) His name is George. It was a toss up between that and Fat Albert. You have to name the stuff you love right? My sisters car is named Herbert so i figured my kicking appliance needed a name too. Let me tell you about the day we welcomed him into our home and why i now hope we never move.

It started when i seen him (him meaning my fridge.) I liked the color, simple and black. Not too hard to clean but would match everything in the kitchen too. (I am glad i didn’t get the stainless steel because all i can picture is toddler hand prints.) It had the space i wanted and the ice maker/water button inside. I like the idea of kids not being able to play with the water button at any moment they want to. I could see them telling me “the dog did it” for that too. It has a HUGE freezer too. I am serious, that sucker is like a mini deep freezer. It took me $200 to fill just the freezer to the brim.

Off track. So back to picking it up.

My absolutely favorite manager was in when i arrived. Christina. On a side note, i will miss working with her. She has the BEST people skills. People were coming in there just asking for her to help them. That says alot. Plus i never see her without a smile or laugh. Oh and can i say shes only met my husband once but remembers his name and asks how hes doing and the welcomes my kids by name. She melts my heart with her genuine caring nature. So, she deserves a huge virtual hug from everyone here at Mommy PR. *HUG*

Christina showed me my refrigerator and made sure it was the one i wanted because *gasp* it had a dent in the bottom. I said that did not even phase me and we will probably add to that one. The guy taking it to the truck was a wealth of information, showing me how to install the water filter and use the water button. He even explained why you had to lift up on the freezer handle to open it. He was really great. Loading it was really easy too. We went right over to Harbor Freight and bought some ratchet straps, moving blankets and a dolly. We had about a 30 min drive home (the whole i was freaking out it would fall out), but hubby is a man on a mission and obviously had done this before. (haaa)

Once we reached the house, we thought, oh crap how do we get this down. Here is where the additional dent came into play. We used the dolly to help lower it but still ended up adding a pretty dent on the same portion that had one already. See, we prettied it up more.

Now here is truly the fun part. It would not fit inside any door. Even our back sliding glass door. Not even remotely. We could not oil it up and wish it through if we wanted to. I tried to talk him into putting it in the garage for now, but you know men. They have their mind set and his mind was racing. After fumbling around the nuts and bolts for 30 mins i told him to read the book and it explained how to take the doors off to move the fridge in. WOW. Amazing how within 5 mins those doors were off, the freezer was gutted empty and we were sliding it in our front door.

Now it was time to make the switch. We shimmied the old, small, government owned fridge out from the wall, cleaned the floor and found a ton of lost toys. We really had no room to put it out of the way so it was a tight squeeze to get the new one in. We plugged it in and made the food transfer. After a quick run to Home Depo for the right piece for the water tubing in the back, we started to pull the old fridge out. This is where i got my hand squashed between the handles of the new fridge and the corner of the old one. So hard it smashed my wedding band in pieces and my finger was blue. My husband was of course laughing as i screamed. I didn’t cry because it was just my luck as i had finished saying, “wow we did this with no injuries”. And. Bam. I was slapped with reality.

We moved the old fridge to the garage and use it for overage of water bottles and bread in the freezer. I wanted to fill up the new one right away, and see how much it would cost anyways. The freezer took $200 in meats and frozen food. The top part took another $200+ in just filling up the space with random stuff. I am beyond pleased with the space this has.

My favorite part is the meat drawer. I can fit lunch meat, tomatoes, onions, cheese and eggs on one side and my youngest daughters juice boxes in the other. Everything is the perfect height for me and my daughters as well. I can put smaller drinks in the door and my 3yr old can still reach it fine, yet glass items up higher and shes out of reach. Another feature it has, the doors are all on a timer so you will hear a beeper go off when they have been open for too long. Great for knowing when the kids sneak in without asking!

The freezer has the same open door feature. Plus you can set the ice machine to start and stop with just a push of a button. Oh and the ice part has a mini scooper. I thought that was just too cute lol. The freezer has a pizza door to hold up to a 16 inch upright. We haven’t used it yet, but have it closed and use it for Popsicles. It also has 2 bins and a self sliding top for smaller items. It has all the space i wanted in a freezer. See at first i was debating an actual deep freezer but then realized i would be better off with a larger fridge altogether. With a family of 4 but 2 of them who already eat you out of house and home, i needed more room. Even the lighting in it is different. Its more a blue color, which makes everything look better.

Product Description

ENERGY STAR® qualified appliance.


Save TimeFast chill or fast freeze your food with the power feeze and power cool options

Always know when it’s time to change the filter with an electronic guage
Cold drinking water is available immediately with the internal water dispenser

Space SaverKeep your fridge fully stocked with 26.0 cubic feet of storage space

Save MoneySave electricity by ensuring the doors stay closed with the Cool Tight self-closing doors

Environment FriendlyFood stays fresh with the Twin Cooling System that keeps humidity at the perfect level

Help the environment by choosing this ENERGY STAR® compliant model

Save EffortIt’s simple to determine the temperature with digital temperature gauges

Select specific temperatures for different foods with the Cool Select pantry drawers

It’s easy to open a fully-loaded freezer with the EZ-Open handle that allows the freezer to glide out effortlessly


There are a ton of features to this machine. You can see them all on here:

This retails for $1599.99 but because it had cosmetic damage it was on sale at my Sears Outlet for $899 . That includes a 1 yr warranty too (with option to buy up to 5 additional).

If i still even have your attention,(because i know i just talked your ear off about next to nothing haaa)  i want to thank Sears Outlet for a great year with Mommy PR. We had a blast with all the members. Please be sure to check out for a local store near you. If you are too far, then see if your item is available for the new shipping options.

One last thank you to the whole Sears Outlet Signature Mom Team

Andrea & Dawn from Mommy PR

Krystel from Army Wife 101

Amy from The Idea Room

Elizabeth from A Nut In A Nutshell

Desi from Wee Share

Laurie from Guessing All The Way


I recieved the above item for my review.

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  1. Looks like a fabulous product. I am so glad you got to bring home the one you prayed for. Enjoy it!! I love Sears Outlet;)

  2. I am super jealous! I need a new washer and a new fridge! This one looks awesome, and yes I name the things I love too! lol!

    Have they finally expanded the sears mom program to New York City? Please keep me posted!

    The washer and fridge that need replacing were actually both purchased at my local Sears!

    ? ????????

  3. Awesome! We bought a fridge too that we had to remove everything and then realized with our kitchen island it was still going to be super tight. Even the wooden trim on the baseboard of the wall had to come off! I still don’t know how we got it squeezed in!

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