Salton Professional Power Blender Review


From frozen drinks to perfectly ground nutmet this commercial quality blender will handle the toughest jobs with ease and outperform any other kitchen appliance

  • UNIQUE, PATENTED features include:
    – Bi-directional multi-system blades
    – Titanium-plated mutli-level blades
    – Safety locking mechanism
  • High torque, commercial quality 1000W motor
  • Make healthy, nutrient rich foods without having to add any additional water or liquids
  • Quiet and powerful operation juices, chops or purees whole fruits and vegetables
  • Nicely grinds nearly all hard nuts, coffee beans, grains. Seeds, soy beans and more
  • Easy to use – 2 speeds plus pulse/ice crush
  • Crushes ice with great ease without adding liquid
  • Heavy duty die-cast housing and non-skid rubberized feet for superior stability and durability
  • Removable filler cap allow ingredients to be added during blending
  • 48 oz/1.5 L capacity
  • Jar, lid, and blade assembly are dishwasher safe for easy clean up

If you follow our facebook page, you would have seen me complaining that my black & decker blender broke a few months ago. I had asked what other moms recommended; while i sent back my blender and received a new one….that broke again within 2 days. I vowed to not buy another blender until i found the demon of all blenders.

Even though i missed my homemade mocha frappes, i just couldn’t spend 40,50,60 dollars again on something that couldn’t blend simple ice. My husband even joked that no blender of mine would blend even jello. Sadly i started thinking he was right.

In August i visited the Shoreline Washington Sears Outlet Store. I seen this massive blender sitting on the floor. It looked like something in a chef’s kitchen. I could just see like Paula Dean mixing up an apple pie filling in this. I noted the name and the price so i could google it later. Had i had $80 then, it would have been in my car in 2.1 seconds. This darn thing was so awesome looking i swear i had its picture on my fridge in hearts. I wanted that blender.

Google-ing around i found it was called a Salton Professional Power Blender. The more i read about it (See quoted section above for its awesomeness) , the more i was mad at myself for not getting it fast enough. Because calling back to Shoreline; it sold, and it was the only one left. Ugh! So we called Tacoma in September, and they were sold out too. Talk about being popular! Everyone was in their darn kitchen with my blender and i was sitting here sipping a watery mocha thing that i whisked real fast. Ahhhh

This month i was back over at the Tacoma Sears Outlet. I was at the end of my walk through when i happen to notice the top shelf in the far back had new small appliances. My heart fluttered. It was on Display. The only one left. I hurried and asked for help removing it. I looked like a football player on a mission to get the box to the counter without anyone sidetracking me and stealing it away. Having $100 to spend on any item, made this buy an absolute must at $79.99, a $130 savings off the regular retail $199.99 everywhere else.

Stare at these pictures below and go find your wallet and keys while i skip down a few lines to continue telling you why you need this bad boy…….stare…stare….drool……Now finish reading below.

Safety locking mechanism: Locking arm and lock button permit unit to operate only when properly assembled
Bi-directional multi-system blades: Simultaneously rotate in opposite directions creating a vortex, blending ingredients evenly and consistently. Titanium-plated multi-level blades: For sharper, longer lasting blades.

If you counted while staring at the above picture, you are correct at the 10 blades.




I don’t know if i am like the biggest nerd or not, but reading the darn description above and saying “Titanium Plated” “Bi Directional Blades” just makes me shiver in excitement.

So now that i completely lost you. Where did go?

Off to buy this blender eh?

Well wait till i show you what it does! Oh wait a second and check out what A Nut In A Nutshell created… nuts. Peanut Butter to be exact. In this beast of a  blender!

Wasn’t her review awesome!? Homemade Peanut Butter & Margaritas!

I’m not a peanut butter girl much either. So I made something cold, simple and so yummy. Homemade Applesauce.

Really there is no main recipe that you have to follow. Throw in some apples & cinnamon. Blend. Enjoy.

I made some chunky smoothies also. I took 3 kiwi, 2 nectarines, and 2 apples, a few chunks of ice and a tad bit of juice ( i bet you like that measuring hu?). Mixed on high for a few seconds and wha-la. Homemade healthy smoothies! So easy too. It takes less than 3 minutes total and fills you up. What makes it even better is having a blender that doesn’t pretty much curse me out while blending. It didn’t go on strike, and nothing flew off the base across my kitchen. (Reference to Black & Decker on that one).

So here are my pictures (I tried to do a video but its ridiculously hard to film one handed lol)

And my visit to my store yielded some great pictures also!

If you don’t have a local Sears Outlet, hang out till December when online outlet shopping will open to everyone. Right now you can order and set up delivery of large appliances within a 50 mile radius. But smaller items and products that may not be readily available to you, will be shippable in December on .

I am looking forward to seeing the latest Craftsman Toolboxes in December at Tacoma. Christmas is around the corner and i sure would like to save money on something like that. Especially when prices are 50% or more off retail. Some of those toolboxes were 100-200 dollars and regularly $400 or more. Plus i have been wanting a deep freezer so bad. I found one there for 130 and the next day it was 10% off that price too! ( <– Note to husband)

And one little last word, my store really needs a lesser treadmill stock.

Just Sayin.

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I am the Sears Outlet Signature Mom Leader.

I received compensation in exchange for my honest view of product & store.

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  1. Great review – the blender sounds amazing! It does look like an awful lot of treadmills 🙂

    There is a brand new outlet mall in Leeds, AL the perfect place for a new Sears Outlet I think!

  2. Wow…I AM drooling over the pics! I’m so jealous my Outlet doesn’t have these otherwise I’d be plowing through the masses like a linebacker too. Well, maybe they did have them but everyone else took them. Now THEY have MY blender 😉

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