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For the love of a Leprechaun, where did that sippy cup go. Where is your other shoe? What happen to all your pencils? What do you mean you lost your phone, house key, sock, pants AND backpack?!

Anywhere Labels at SafetyTat are brand new uber-durable and attractive labels – personalized with a name and an optional phone number. Anywhere Labels are dishwasher, washing machine and microwave safe. Available in a variety of colors and patterns in tag or adhesive form, Anywhere Labels will help keep track and identify possessions with ease.

These things have to be made of duct tape! I can’t believe they are so durable and washable! I opted to have my girlfriend, who has a kid in every sport plus a baby on her arm, the chance to review these. I knew she could use these with as much running as they do. She choose the sports labels with their last name and phone number. Let me remind you that our phone numbers over here are like 200 digits long so I was pleased to see all the numbers fit perfectly.



Personalized Large Rectangle labels are durable and waterproof. Perfect for identifying sippy cups, backpacks, school supplies, toys…ALL your belongings. Include your name and optional second line of information or phone number. Label Dimensions: 2″ x .65″

We were both pleasantly surprised at the quality. For $19.99 you get 32 large stickers. That price is not at all bad when you think about the items you lose daily. Makes it worth it to have someone call because they found your phone, or maybe that blankie your kid can’t part with.

Don’t have kids? Try the Senior Tats! Or just because, try Tat Kisses.

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