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If there is one thing i know nothing about, its insulation. To even review it, i was kind of dumbfounded. Then i thought, wait, shouldn’t i know what is in the walls of my home? Of all the things surrounding my home, insulation was the last on my mind. I knew my house was warm, and it seemed fine, but what was really inside those walls? This review actually taught me more than i ever thought it would.

I started to do my own investigation online. I searched the web for other reviews, photos, and feedback of Dow Safetouch. What i found was seriously almost 100% positive news from every forum, every chat line, blog, etc.  Just everywhere i looked people were saying how great it was. In fact, when i tried to find it locally or even online for sale, it was sold out everywhere. I had to call my mom in Virgina to go to her local Lowe’s for me and see if it was there. She did and sure enough they had a few left. She said she was amazed at the details she read about this insulation.

Let me give you the run down on what i learned:

  • A batt insulation material made from 100% polyester fiber
  • Contains no fiberglass
  • No respirable glass or mineral fibers to cause itchy skin, red eyes or respiratory problems
  • No need for a dust mask, gloves, or goggles
  • No formaldehyde binder to hold the fibers together
  • Requires no flame retardant, which is added to cotton insulation

The only thing i heard from each thread, and it was not thrown as a negative, was price. This particular line is more expensive, running anywhere from 0.72 cents a square foot to $1.02 a square foot. This brings a bat of R13 to about $67 (Lowes) each. However you are paying for a more eco friendly, family friendly and all-over safe house insulation.

Here are the specification on the R-13

  • Clear Hand Batts
  • 7 batts in each
  • 2″ x 4″ Walls
  • 3.5″ x 15″ x 94″
  • Covers 68.54 sq ft

SAFETOUCH™ Insulation promotes a healthy and safe home. It contributes to improved indoor air quality while also reducing energy costs to save you money. With no irritating fiberglass shards or dust, SAFETOUCH™ Insulation is easier all around – on your lungs, the environment and your wallet. So put something friendlier in your home.

I can honestly say that even though i am a mom, and someone who of course does none of the building, or remodeling of any home. I am very very pleased to have a 1st hand experience in the understanding of what i could be doing to take simple steps at the safety and security of my home. Something so easy as to change insulations is incredible to know. I had been reading about the fire safety aspect of it and a man said he actually happened to have a fire start in his home coincidently and the whole wall had to be replaced BUT the Dow Safetouch did not. It had resisted the fire. That is pretty amazing. Another aspect is the mold resistance. It will not allow mold to grow in it. We all know how rain or water leaks can seep in places and  start an array of mold strands. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your children’s lungs are protected by the pretty blue stuff in the walls? (yes i think its pretty and yes its blue)

Now, understand, we live in Military housing so i can’t exactly just bust down a wall and insert it. However, we have plans to build our girls a play house (Hubby was in housing construction) and use a bit of the insulation in that. Even he was shocked at how it felt and after reading up on it himself, was very surprised at the differences of “the pink stuff” vs Dow SafeTouch.

Another item i was sent kind of goes along hand-in-hand with the insulation. A Therapure 201MB Air Purifier. I have never owned anything that cleans the air. Heck, i never thought about stuff in my house and how it effected us. I figured none of us smoke or even allow it around, we have pets but the hair isn’t too bad during the colder months. I just didn’t think i needed one. Once reading what the purifier filters, and how, i rethought about if i actually did need one. I mean it wouldn’t hurt to have really clean air right?

The things this purifier does is pretty amazing. And what shocked me the most…was that i noticed right away. When i have it on, i feel a cooler breeze in the room, and i feel less stuffy. I never realized i ever felt that way when i didn’t have it. I guess you never notice a difference, till there is a change right in your face. I haven’t had it off since it came. At night i turn it on high and during the day it stays on low to medium. The box says its quite but we can hear it over the TV so we just do a lower setting during that time. However its nothing to make me turn it off. Let me tell you some of its specs:

With it’s sleek and slender design, the 201 M packs tremendous power and fits anywhere in the house.

  • Permanent HEPA-type filter removes smoke, dust and pollen from the air
  • UV Lamp kills harmful airborne germs, bacteria and viruses
  • Photocatalyst Filter removes VOC’s such as toxic paint, carpet fumes and household chemicals
  • Powerful and quiet fan has a three speed setting allowing you to select desired cleaning level
  • Low power consumption for maximum energy efficiency
  • For medium to large rooms (13 x 14 ft room)

What i think is best for budget families is the fact that you never have to buy a filter for this. You can simply vacuum the filter and be done. The price tag is a steep $130 but looking at the lack of having to replace anything on it (unless the  UV lamp goes out, only $20), you really have only this one time cost. Plus it comes with a 1 year warranty. You can buy replacement filters if you want, and they run $25, still not the price i thought they would be. I was expecting something this nice to have pieces that cost an arm and 2 legs. Check out the TheraPure store to see one of the 4 air purifiers and see which would suit your home (and wallet) best.

One winner will win a prize pack worth $386 including:

·         Four bags of SAFETOUCH™ R-13 insulation. It doesn’t support mold growth nor does it contain added formaldehyde, two frequent causes of poor indoor air quality, according the Environmental Protection Agency’s “The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality”. ($256)

·         A Therapure 201MB air purifier which provides triple action purification in an energy efficient way. It has an easy-to-clean permanent HEPA-type filter that traps allergens, pollen, dust, pollution and cigarette smoke. ($130)


Go over to Dow Safetouch, and read through the FAQs.

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  1. This would help me because my laundry room (off the kitchen) used to be part of the carport and is EXTREMELY cold… which just pours cold air into the kitchen (and the rest of the house). I’d use the insulation to make this area warmer, and the air purifier I would use in my bedroom – since I have allergies and asthma, this would help me sleep better 🙂

  2. Will compressing SAFETOUCH™ Insulation in the width direction increase its R-value?

    The R-value for SAFETOUCH™ Insulation is measured on insulation that is not compressed in the width direction. Compressing the 15″ insulation into a standard 14.5″ cavity may slightly increase its R-value, provided that the thickness of the insulation is not reduced.

  3. SAFETOUCH™ Insulation is manufactured from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers, not fiberglass, so it doesn’t irritate skin, throat, lungs or eyes. It is manufactured from the same materials as clothing and bedding.

  4. I learned that wet insulation has reduced R-value. If SAFETOUCH™ Insulation gets wet, it should be thoroughly dried before it is installed or replaced.

  5. I could use this for my son who has allergies and his 7 year old has asthma. The installation would really help because he recently had a pipe bust and he needs to replace the installation.

  6. I learned from their FAQ is that Generally the SAFETOUCH™ Insulation vapor retarder should face toward the hot side of the wall. Thus, in the north, the vapor retarder would face the interior. In the south, the vapor retarder would face the exterior. If a vapor retarder is not needed or required, it can be easily peeled off. Consult your local codes and building department for proper placement and use of vapor retarders.

  7. The R-value for SAFETOUCH™ Insulation is measured on insulation that is not compressed in the width direction. Compressing the 15? insulation into a standard 14.5? cavity may slightly increase its R-value, provided that the thickness of the insulation is not reduced.

  8. I learned the vapor retarder controls the amount of moisture going through the insulation

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  9. I learned Dirty insulation will still deliver thermal performance. However, dirt can contain material that may be a food source for mold. Brush off the dirt or remove a thin layer of the dirty fibers to remove the dirt.

  10. If SAFETOUCH insulation gets wet it does not need to be replaced. Simply make sure it is thoroughly dried before it is installed or replaced.

  11. This would really help our family because we live in a home that is over 100 years old and it is very cold and drafty. We need new windows and much better insulation. This would be a real blessing for us.

  12. SAFETOUCH™ Insulation is made wider than the standard space it will fill, and friction will hold it in place. That means there is no need to use staples.

  13. We live in a wet environment. We also suffer from allergies. I think we’ll benefit so much from this! I imagine waking up in the morning, ready to run a few miles instead of waking up and sneezing.

  14. SAFETOUCH™ Insulation is sold at 69 square feet (R-13), 49 square feet (R-19) and 48 square feet (R-30) per bag. The R-13 is 3.5″ thick, 15″ wide and 94″ long; the R-19 is 6.25″ thick, 15″ wide and 94″ long; the R-30 is 9.5” thick, 24” wide and 48” long.

  15. I learned this: “SAFETOUCH™ Insulation is manufactured from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers, not fiberglass, so it doesn’t irritate skin, throat, lungs or eyes. It is manufactured from the same materials as clothing and bedding.”

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