RoC Skincare #ROCacademy



As I enter into the later mid 30’s of my life I have been noticing more crow’s feet and laugh lines around my mouth.  I was so honored when I was chosen to take part in RoC Academy.


I will be learning a great deal of information about beauty and skincare using the RoC Academy, an exclusive online resource that provides a behind-the-scenes look into skincare, and I will definitely be sharing some of that information in a follow-up post later this month.

Daily skincare routine:   I am a simple girl who knows the importance of taking care of my skin.  Being simple and really really wanting to quickly go to bed so I can sleep I am all about routines for maximum care for my skin.  I religiously wash my face with soap and water and always follow up using moisturizer.  I never ever go to bed with makeup on either (though of late I generally wear no makeup at all).





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