Rescue Mosquito GoClip + Giveaway


I received free samples of Rescue Mosquito GoClips and Yellow Jacket Clips for my honest review..

I had the opportunity to review Rescue GoClips for mosquitos and bees.

Rescues GoClip are a great investment for the summer months. This is an all natural, kid safe product perfect for hiking, picnics, and just about any fun activity outside. The best part is that this product just clips to your clothes or even dogs collar to protect them rather than having to us messy sprays that smell. This also last for up to two week and comes in a resealable pouch so that it can be used many times.

This is what the product looks like outside of the packaging!

My Take: I really like this product. I used the Mosquito clip during a backyard cook out and I felt very well protected. I was able to clip it on to my short pocket and forget that it was there. As someone that usually gets many bug bites during the summer, this was a great product that I will be sure to pack for any outdoor activity!

This can be bought at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, and on Amazon.

3 winners will win the GoClip for mosquito and bees.


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