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The cozy protective blanket to get you out in style! What makes the all weather WooBee protective blanket so unique? A water resistant nylon backing that acts as a protective barrier for your child, while the cozy soft fabric creates a wonderful surface to lie on or snuggle. The innovative tie design allows the all weather WooBee protective blanket to be attached to strollers, front packs, infant car seats, or anything else you can imagine.



There are two styles of all weather WooBee’s. The original all weather WooBee is 30” x 36” and perfect for strollers, front packs, infant car seats, etc. and makes the best baby shower gift and the NEW Super WooBee is 38” x 56” with loops for tie options, and is great for double strollers, wheelchairs (adults too), or an all around cozy outdoor blanket. Check out the WooBee Guide and the Super WooBee Guide for a few uses. Guides are included with each protective blanket.

Contrast stitch, custom striped grosgrain ribbon ties, and beautiful color combinations allow parents to have an all weather WooBee that fits their personal sense of style.

The WooBee Line also includes Bibs and Burps!

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

Rain or Shine Kids sent me a Camo WooBee Blanket to review:


This is my son, Malachi, sitting outside on his new blanket:


The WooBee Blanket attached to a baby carrier:


Honestly, the WooBee Blanket is one of my most favorite products that I have reviewed. I have never been able to use a blanket for so many things! Such a simple idea, like adding Ribbon Ties, can make such a difference! When Malachi was an infant, we lived in Oklahoma and that was the first time ever living somewhere where it snowed and had insane storms. (I’m from California) He was born at the end of September, so he was pretty little when the cold weather hit. As new parents, in a brand new place, we felt a little lost. One thing that always bothered me was how are you supposed to keep your baby warm while in his infant car seat!? Every blanket we would put over him would blow off the car seat (it was very windy there at times) Finally, towards the end of winter, we found a car seat cover and we loved it. It was like a nice warm sweater just for the car seat. It was perfect for the very cold weather, but when winter started turning into spring, it was a little too heavy and warm. That is when this blanket would have been perfect! I wish I had it then! I LOVE that it ties onto anything! And I LOVE how many times you can use it through-out the year. Usually when you think of blanket, you think winter. Well I just used Malachi’s WooBee on the 4th of July. I layed it out for him to sit on while watching the fireworks and didn’t worry about it getting dirty or him spilling his juice all over it. Since the back of the blanket is made of a water resistant nylon, it is so easy to just wipe off. It’s even great for using as a diaper changing pad. SO easy to clean and machine washable! I seriously love my WooBee Blanket! It is so stylish, well-made, soft, and very functional! I add this to my “Mom’s Must Have” List.


NEW ‘B’ Blanket is made of a light weight, custom print polar fleece . ‘B’ Blanket comes with coordinating ribbon ties to attach to strollers, carriers, infant car seats and whatever else you need to attach it to! ‘B’ Blanket comes in 3 different designs: Rings, Squares, and and Sunburst. The Rings Blanket is a soft green, brown and cream which makes it perfect for both genders. So, it’s perfect for those Mom’s who like a surprise at the end of their 9 months!


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  1. I love so many of the blankets and it is hard to choose one. I am going to say the Cream / Chocolate Shaggy Plush because I have both a baby boy and baby girl in my family and this is a neutral color. But, I love the prints and all of the color choices.

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