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If there is one thing i have purchased a lot of, its strollers. When my 1st was born i wanted one of those travel systems just because i thought that was best. I quickly learned it was not so easy to transport and took up way too room. Plus it was honestly too heavy for me. When i was pregnant with Ariel, i order 3 strollers before finding the one i wanted to use. The only reason i even found that one was because i listened to my friend and tested hers (always a smart idea). It was perfect for a newborn, so i purchased that one. It lasted clear up to this year for me. Now i was back to square one with a toddler. I needed something new, something that would fold up easy, take up less room, and could handle not only her, but me. I sure didn’t want something huge and fancy. I needed a practical stroller.

I came across Quinny in a magazine and thought i would look into them. What caught my eye was the fact that they claimed to be the smallest folding stroller and had a carrying case that could strap onto a bike. That was a pretty big promise to hold up to. Quinny is based in Europe so i wondered how well known they were stateside.

I did some research and found reviews that were about 80/20. Most of the negatives were on “easy tipping” . I will get into that later in my review as i do have something to say on that test. Anyways, after talking to the PR, i learned that not a big selection was available in the US, but some were here. I originally wanted to see the Quinny Zapp Twine , which frankly looks so uber classy. That version was not for sale here yet, so we went back to the original Zapp.


My Zapp arrived in Citro green. Its bright. Let me say again.. It Bright. I really don’t mind what color the stroller is so long as its not blue, because for some reason my little one has a hatred of blue strollers. (She is already a diva, can you tell?)

The perfect time to test a stroller for us is every day Monday to Friday walking the 2 miles back and forth to get my oldest from school. I figured if it made the long, sometimes wet, child filled sidewalk up and back ok, it would be in my good graces. Not only did it make it, but it was extremely smooth. The wheels in front make a complete 360 so there is no backing up to straighten them out or tilt it back to go over something. It flipped rocks to the side, and rode over grass as if it wasn’t there. For a small stroller, it really held up to what that walk endures. Usually i only see high end joggers on that walk, i am sure they were staring at this Quinny wondering how i handled it with a 4 wheel stroller.

Now of course it has it’s improvements. First let me explain about that tipping rumor i see on the reviews. This design of stroller would remind you of a really nice umbrella stroller. Not the way its built, but the look of the design. So you wouldn’t pile a bunch of bags on one of those, i cant imagine you would do it to this one either. My input on that is just plain common sense. If you pile 30 pounds of shopping on the back of any stroller, it may tip backwards harming your child, you cant honestly blame that on the design of a stroller. (My 2 cents on that issue).


Back to the improvements:

  1. Handles do not extend for taller parents.
  2. Seat does not recline for napping toddlers
  3. Sun visor needs to come down a few more inches for better use
  4. Foot rest could come out a little more so toddlers can stretch a bit
  5. No cup holders
  6. Handles could use some sort of grips
  7. Very small and hard to use basket

Good Points:

  1. Easy to maneuver
  2. Wide wheels
  3. Front wheels are 360 capable
  4. Comes with car seat adapters, rain/wind shield, & carry bag
  5. Folds up super small
  6. Easy one step rear brake
  7. Comes in many colors
  8. Fair price for capabilities
  9. Slim design makes it easy to use in crowded cities and transportation.
  10. Actually fits in isles at stores!
  11. Easy to clean, zips & Velcro out for easy cleanup

Here are some pictures of mine (click any to enlarge):

From the Manufacturer

Quinny Zapp 4 Stroller Now with an increased 50 lb weight limit, the Quinny Zapp 4 Stroller will take you from 6 months into your child’s toddler years!Lightweight and ultra compact, the Quinny Zapp stroller is perfect for those who travel. The Zapp comes with a travel bag, sun canopy, rain cover, and car seat adapter, so there is not need to buy expensive accessories! With its super compact fold and ultra lightweight aluminum frame, this stroller is ideal for travel. The Zapp stroller is compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant car seat.


So my final thoughts of the Quinny Zapp? Is it worth the price?

I will say that despite the negatives i have, i would buy this stroller. I will tell you why; this design allows for maneuvers in places i could not get most of my strollers. If you are one of those moms who is cursing under your breath trying to get through the jean isle in a store, you are pushing over clothes, running into people and finally giving up. The Zapp allows for all that room. Its slim. It also folds up so small i can store it on my porch and fit it in my truck with room to spare. Also the glide of the ride, makes for an easy walk. This stroller was made for a city mom by far. Good for sidewalks, parks, errands, traveling light and shopping!


One Mommy PR winner will get to see for herself what makes the Quinny Zapp so cool. You will win the Zapp in Mandarin (Orange Stroller pictured above, Car Seat NOT included by sold separately. Car seat adapters come with the stroller) . Retail Value is around $ 220 (depending on store).



I received product in exchange for my honest review.

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