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By now most of us know that dangers of BPA for infant bottles, but do you also know those same concerns exists for toddler sippy cups?  I was recently introduced to a company called Pura Stainless:


Pura Stainless was formed in response to the overwhelming need for beverage bottles that are both environmentally friendly and free of toxins, including BPA (see our FAQ for more info on Bisphenol A or BPA).

The more we researched the toxin-leaching issues and unsavory environmental impacts of plastic water bottles and lids, the more concerned we became. We found it distressing that a number of plastic bottle vendors recommend the replacement of their bottles every six months due to the adverse impact of heat cycling, scuffing, scratches, and scrubbing (just from regular cleaning)!

Unfortunately, aluminum bottles are not much better with their “secret sauce” oven enamel linings/coatings. One also has to wonder how well these linings will hold up when the soft aluminum bottle dents and dings or is exposed to heat cycling.

With these concerns in mind, we created the Pura Stainless line of products which feature food service grade, non-leaching stainless steel lids and a limited lifetime warranty. We live and breathe the mantra One Life… One Bottle™ and we hope you will too!

I was able to review the Kiki Infant/Toddler Bottle:


Kiki stainless steel bottles are the safe and environmentally conscious choice for your baby. Unlike every other infant bottle on the market, the Kiki infant bottle is 100% plastic free, is compatible with a wide range of nipples and spouts, and is dishwasher safe! As with all of our products Kiki is backed by an unprecedented lifetime warranty. Join the legion of happy Kiki users… your baby will thank you!


  • Crafted from safe, anti-bacterial, #304 stainless steel
  • No plastic components!
  • BPA-free and will not leach toxins like plastic bottles and rings
  • Internal volume markings make measuring your child’s milk or other beverage a snap. Each ounce is marked and can be seen by glancing inside the bottle.
  • Wide neck medium flow Pura 100% silicone medical grade nipple
  • Compatible with wide neck nipples from Pura, ThinkBaby™, BornFree™, and Dr. Brown’s™
  • This bottle is designed to grow with your child; it easily converts into a sippy bottle by simply changing the nipple out for a sip spout
  • Silicone travel cap included
  • Lifetime warranty on stainless components
  • Retails for $15.99
I was also sent a Avent® no-spill sip spout to use for toddlers.
My take:  While we are out of the bottle stage I love the fact that the Kiki Bottle can be interchanged between nipple and sippy spout.  I have several infant bottles that just lay around wasting space that I would love to be able to use for sippy cups.  My 2 year old got such a kick out of this sippy cup.  The first time I gave it to him he said “Daddy’s coffee” since my husband has a similar coffee holder.  When he needed more milk he asked for “more coffee” LOL.  I love how narrow the cup is and how efficient the sip spout is.  We have used it for over 2 weeks now and no spills.  A big thumbs up!
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