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Never heard of the Pulse Slither? That’s probably because it JUST came out November 1st for sale nationwide! I was able to test the Blue Slither Skull Wing.


If your son or daughter (or husband too in my case lol) loves skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, riding scooters, and all out extreme sports…the Pulse Slither is PERFECT.  I have never even thought of the concept of this. It has 3 wheels so that its able to drift and hug turns in a dime.

When it arrived, i was astonished at the box itself. Because i had not even seen a picture really, So the box kinda gave me a glimpse. Well THANK GOSH my husband was here on R*R to put it together lol. We did only have slight trouble with the wheels, we just had to grease them up a bit but then it went on perfect. . I loved the design, the colors and how wide the base is. Really perfect for smaller kids or for those skate shoes kids wear. The design is embedded into the board so it wont fade or get scraped off. The back wheel is actually adjustable to what type of speed or drifting you want to do too. So your younger child may want a looser wheel and your older can simple tighten it more and get a better glide. Really awesome concept.

So after we put the Pulse Slither together and read the directions (yes you def need to do that LOL) we took it to the garage for testing (since it rained poop). My husband was the 1st to try and showed our daughter what to do. (Well that’s what he SAID he was doing.. but you know 30 mins later I’m thinking he lied since he was still on it LOL!!) Anywho… He was in heaven on that thing. I have never seen him happier with a scooter/bike/skateboard thing LOL.  Our daughter did try and at first she was a tad scared. But she really got back out there and tried again. Even our neighbor boys and our youngest liked it. The neighbor boy said ” im asking for that for Christmas!!” Now Ariel, our youngest will say “mommy can i ride my scooter” and i said which one is yours?? ., She points to the Pulse… Oh lord, one scooter and 3 people fighting over it LOL!


Yep, its just that awesome!! Well moms, i know for us its not only about fun its also about price. If there is one thing we know, these riding toys are expensive. You will be very happy to know the Pulse Slither comes in 2 color choices and is only $59.99! Personally i found that VERY affordable for what this ride on does. Its very versatile and fun. Plus most ride ons say what ages should ride this, the Pulse actually allows up to 175 pounds on it!! Yes 175 pounds. My husband was ecstatic LOL. (He is such a kid i swear).

In fact when we told Pulse about how much he loved it, they offered to send him one in Iraq!! LMBO!!! I can not wait to see his face. Don’t worry because i will DEFINITELY get pictures or some video of that fun. What a great great product to take some stress of them and have a little fun. Now when he comes home with it , i can see him and Jasy racing up and down the road on their new Pulse Slithers!

I will say.. Moms when you purchase this, please buy your children some helmets and knee/elbow pads. I would select the Skateboard kind for this. Because it is a tad more on the extreme side (to me) better to be safe and have them protected (no matter how much they think they are professionals LOL). And side note… that goes for husbands too LOL.

If i could share one bit of information of what i would like to see improved i would say… Can MOM get a PINK one with cutsie skulls??? LOL!


What is the Slither, and what makes it so much fun?
The Slither drift scooter is the latest invention from Pulse, the leaders in outdoor rolling fun. This one-of-a-kind, three-wheeled scooter features two large front wheels offset with a single rear wheel housed in a pivot-mounted swivel truck. This rudder-like rear wheel gives you the freedom to drift in and out of turns, zip around corners, execute lightning-quick 180º turns, and pull off other tricks and maneuvers that are simply not possible on any other scooter or wheeled good. Adjust the tension to the rear wheel to meet any skill level.

You can also ride the Slither facing forward or standing to one side, opening up even more trick possibilities and making it that much harder to put away. The Slither is emblazoned with vibrant new graphics in two dynamic colorways: Electric Blue “Skullwing” and Toxic Green “Von Scroll.”

Slither Features
• REAR SWIVEL TRUCK – Adjust the tension to customize your ride
• OVERSIZED FRONT WHEELS – Big wheels up front maintain balance
• ANTI-SLIP DECK – Molded deck traction keeps your feet in place
• HIGH PERFORMANCE GRIPS – Knobbed hand grips enhance your control
• QUICK RELEASE NECK – Integrated folding mechanism
• HIGH QUALITY PARTS – High-tensile steel parts and components

Totally new, unlike any other, it’s the new Slither drift scooter from Pulse. Get on Slither and experience a whole new level fun. Drift around corners, slide side to side, propel yourself without kicking, tear in and out of turns. It’s no ordinary scooter. It’s Slither. Only from Pulse.






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