PTPA: TruMoo Chocolate Milk Review & Giveaway


 TruMoo Chocolate Milk: Good nutrition, great taste, no debate. It’s a nutritious snack that satisfies moms and kids alike. Because TruMoo is made with real, fresh white milk, it has essential nutrients your kids need: calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin and vitamins A, D and B12. TruMoo is made with table sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. And our chocolate milk is produced with pure cocoa, so you know your kids will love the taste of this nutritious treat that you can feel good giving your kids every day. To find TruMoo at a retailer near you, visit Also find us on Facebook and Twitter as @TruMooMilk

Have you ever heard of TruMoo Milk? Chances are you haven’t, but you should get to know it. Imagine how many kids are going to love the name alone! It sounds fun! Even I giggled as I called my local Wendy’s to see if they had any “TruMoo” milk in stock for the kids meals. How often do you get to make that call.

The only difference in this milk from other dairy is that it has less sugar and made from pure coco. It tastes and looks creamier and thicker. My girls didn’t make any notion of not drinking it and believe me, as soy lovers, they are picky on milk. I have poured a few brands down my drain after trying everything to get them to drink it, so this wins with us.

TruMoo will run you a little higher (depending on areas), around $4, but they do have milk coupons on their site. They do have more flavors such as strawberry and coffee. See if they have TruMoo in your area, if not, they may actually have it at your local Wendy’s.

So what is my final verdict? I say, if you can get coupons for TruMoo, or if its around the same price, you might as well give your child a better alternative. Less sugar and better ingredients is always best. There has to be a reason it won the PTPA Award.

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  1. i haven’t tried trumoo yet but my kids say that that’s the milk they have at school in the cafeteria 🙂 thanks

  2. My daughter has tried TruMoo, a little container of it, but I don’t remember where she got it (McDonalds or Brueggers maybe?)
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  3. OK, I can’t lie! TruMoo is awesome! I want to drink it everyday all day! It’s yummy and I’m a chocoholmilkic! Moooo for chocolate milk! =)

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