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The television series brings children into the bright and exuberant world of POCOYO, an inquisitive fun-loving three-year-old boy and his animal friends.  POCOYO encourages children to “learn through laughter.”  POCOYO is already an international sensation. The television series began airing this summer on Nick Jr. and the first line of merchandise (available at Toys”R”Us) and DVDs are being released this fall.



Pocoyo: Meet Pocoyo DVD

Pocoyo: Meet Pocoyo features a number of adventures about the title character, a four year old boy, and his best friends, a duck and an elephant. These stories offer simple lessons on the importance of friendship.

Too cute! This little guy will make you smile and laugh. His friends are adorable! I wish it was a tad longer but it worked just fine. The whole movie is set on white background so they stick out easy enough for toddlers to keep attention.

The stories included are:
The Big Sneeze
Drum Roll Please
Umbrella, Umbrella
A Mystery Most Puzzling
Double Bubble
Sleepy Bird’s Surprise
Swept Away



I received a DVD in exchange for my review

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