Disney Princess Mystery Box

I received a Disney Princess Mystery Box to help facilitate my review.

My 4 year old daughter loves Disney Princesses and I knew this next review would be perfect for her:

Disney Princess Subscription Box

With the decline of retailers (more than 1,600 stores  set to close this year) and the growth of online shopping, subscription box services are on the rise – offering wine, cosmetics and even beard lotion to your doorstep.

Now, our little princesses can finally get in on the fun! This month Pley launches with Disney a brand-new, Disney Princess subscription, a limited edition mystery box designed to empower girls.


For just $24.99 you’ll get a mystery box containing between 4-8 Disney Princess toys, activities and fashion accessories (all have $50+ retail value). Each bi-monthly box tells the story of a new princess and, like a rags-to-riches princess story, the shipping box magically transforms into a castle, boat, or tower that can be decorated and played with, both reducing waste and increasing play value.


Little girls everywhere will anxiously await the sound of the doorbell, announcing their Disney Princess PleyBox delivery.

My take:  Immediately upon seeing the bright pink box and recognizing the word Disney on the box my 4 year old started jumping up and down excitedly.  

As soon as we opened the box, the first thing she saw was Belle:

The delight only grew as we opened up the figurines:

(Last I asked, Gaston was still banished from the castle which is why he was not included in this shot)

The shirt:

The crown:

My take:   This box is fantastic!!  Every single item is well thought out, well made and the added bonus of using the box to build a castle which she can color on and play with makes it a gift I would give to any princess I know.  The majority of figurines and crowns that are currently for sale are so flimsy that they break after a couple of playtimes.  These figurines are sturdy and have tons of details included.  The crown is the heaviest I have ever felt and has lasted through a month of solid play with no visible markings.   The included story, maze and coloring page kept her interest long after other play toys!