Piudali Amazon Awakening Daily Facial Moisturizer Review


I have been changing over most of my skincare, bath and body products to all natural and whenever possible organic, for a while now.  When I had the opportunity to review the Amazon Awakening Daily Facial Moisturizer, I was very interested to try it.

About Piudali: A natural skin care line offering the best of Amazon for a naturally beautiful look.

Enjoy the exotic extracts of the Amazon with the best selection of ingredients, in addition to provide a high performance, our products have the following general characteristics

  • No animal testing of final product or ingredients. Dermatologist tested.
  • No artificial fragrances, colors or animal fats. Biodegradable.
  • Crafted in the Amazon following ACTO (The Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization) principles of eco-sustainable bio-commerce

Piudali skin care is the result of these two women joining together to fulfill a mutual dream resulting from their common love for the Amazon.

About the Daily Facial Moisturizer: Natural botanicals and Organic Amazon Peach Palm improves the moisture balance of your skin.  A restorative moisturizer that brings balance to confused dry or stressed skin with its unique blend of botanicals. A pure and radiant complexion is supported by the levels of natural vitamins A, C and E found in this ultra-hydrating formula, protecting skin against pollution.

My Thoughts: The packaging promises a touch of the rainforest and that is exactly what I smelled when I first applied Piudali’s Facial Moisturizer.  If you have ever visited a rainforest, the scent stays with you and I loved experiencing it again through Piudali!  The moisturizer is the consistency and thickness of what you would expect for a night time moisturizer, but you are recommended to use this one both night and day.  My skin can be pretty sensitive when switching skin care product, so I wasn’t sure how it would react to this one.  I actually had a pretty smooth transition and really enjoy the way it keeps my skin moisturized all day, despite the dry winter air.

I especially like the use of all natural and whenever possible organic ingredients in the products.  I haven’t found anything negative about the product at all.  If you enjoy natural, earthy type products, you will love Piudali as much as I do and at $24.99 it is a pretty reasonable price as well.  If you purchase through Amazon, it is only $16.09.


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I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.
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  1. I’m gonna have to look into this. I’m always looking for something to help my dry skin especially in the winter. Right now I’m pretty happy with the Garnier but I’ll have to check this out also.

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