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Picaboo is a premier provider of photo books. With Picaboo, anyone with digital photos can create beautiful photo books and cards in seconds. Unlike photofinishing websites, Picaboo does not force you to spend hours uploading photos before you create a book or card. Rather, with Picaboo installed, you can make a complete, ready-to-order book or card in minutes. The technology behind Picaboo is comprised of an elegant client-side application and back-end network that makes creating, sharing, buying and updating photo books and cards simple.

Have you ever ordered a photo book and thought to yourself that you could have scrap booked one better? I have had a few of those. I had the opportunity to review a place i had never heard of before; Picaboo.

Picaboo determines the price by the cover choice and tells you how many pages of photos that cover can hold.

I chose this beautiful black croc album with about 16 pages of photos for $39.99. It can easily hold 160 pages and the price includes 20 pages automatically. What is different about Picaboo, i think, is the process of placing the photos, picking sizes, aligning everything perfectly, yet without alot of trouble. I will say it took me a good 2 hours to finish my book, but i dont know if it was just because i was being extremely picky on my book. I wanted to make every page kind of tell a story, without any words.

When it was finsihed and i submitted it, it was really cool to be able to see the book live on my screen and show my husband. We are presenting the finished project to the girls grandmother for Christmas. See, she doesnt get online and so she has yet to see any photos from our Disney trip. Its the one thing she has bugged us for over and over again. So what better way than to give her a book filled with our trip! I am sure she will love it.

What i liked most about Picaboo was the pricing. I really like how their are no hidden charges. Usually you get to the end of your project and you find a cover you like and the price is through the roof. This way, you choose the beautiful cover and it comes with a preset amount pages, with an option to expand. Great deal!

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I received a Picaboo product for my review.

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