Petmate Holiday Gifts


I received the both of these items to help facilitate my review.

Don’t forget your furry pet members this holiday season!  Petmate generously sent an item for my cats and dog this holiday season!

Chuckit! RingChaser

Exercise your dog without wearing yourself out while satisfying your dog’s natural chase instinct with the Chuckit!® RingChaser™. This fun interactive dog toy features a durable ring that is designed with a unique topspin infused action that causes the Chuckit! UltraRing™ to erratically bounce, zig-zag, and hop on the ground just like real game, engaging your dog’s natural chase instinct. The Chuckit! RingChaser features a long, ergonomic handle with an easy pickup head that makes for an easy throwing motion and a slobber free pick-up. Make Fetch Happen™ with the ultimate chase and fetch toy. Product note: For supervised play only. Use only Chuckit UltraRings manufactured for use with this product.

Jackson Galaxy Constellation Convertible Scratcher

Provide your cat with a healthy and non-destructive alternative to scratching your furniture with Jackson Galaxy’s® Constellation Convertible Scratcher. This 2-piece scratcher system allows you to use the pieces separately or together creating multiple layouts that’ll keep your cat interested and engaged. Great for multi-cat households, the Constellation Scratcher features corrugate on all sides providing multiple surfaces for your cats to scratch and extending the life of the scratcher. The Jackson Galaxy Constellation Scratcher comes with organic, grown in the USA catnip to help entice your cat and keep them coming back for more.


My take:  Our dog is 2 years old and still full of energy.   The Chuckit! RingChaser is exactly what we needed to help him burn off all his excess energy.  He can now chase a ring much longer than us throwing a ball because it’s way less energy needed from us!

My cats are huge catnip lovers but seems to tire of the same old thing.  The ability to convert this Constellation Scratcher leads to much more interested cats!  This scratcher is extremely well made and I love how they scratch this instead of the corner of my couches!




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  1. I have a 17 year old cat named, Scooter, one year old kitty named Fiona a.k.a. Kitty Kakes (who would LOVE this!) Franny our Bo/Chi puppy and Mr Nibs the chinchilla 🙂

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