Personal Trainer Food Program and $125 off Discount Code

As a mom of three I am faced with the daily drama of fixing multiple meals because my kids don’t like what I cook. It can be stressful and takes a lot of time out of my busy schedule. When I was approached to try Personal Trainer food program I was excited about the prospect of not having to cook my own meals AND possibly lose a few pounds along the way.

Personal Trainer Food offers great tasting food high in protein, good carbs and healthy fats with no heavily processed food products. Their food is cooked and flash frozen to preserve freshness and flavor. No fillers, hidden sugars, bad carbs or trans fats and low or no gluten.
You will receive a package that will include 3 meals a day of delicious, healthy, fat-burning food shipped directly to your door in a single order for 28 days.

28 Breakfasts1 Omelet & Protein
28 Lunches1 Vegetable & 1 Protein
28 Dinners 1 Vegetable & 1 Protein

You can also add on snacks such as nuts, seeds, olives, and cheese sticks! (Although I was rarely hungry enough to have a snack between meals)

The package arrives packed in dry ice so there’s no mess to deal with, I suggest you have plenty of room available in your freezer since this is a month’s worth of food. The proteins can stay out of the freezer for up to two weeks if you don’t have enough room.  Just be sure to keep the veggies frozen until you pop them into the microwave so they don’t get soggy.

I received different sauces to put on my meals, my personally favorite was the sweet garlic butter sauce. Such a great garlicky flavor and I didn’t have to feel guilty about any extra calories.

The meals are individually packaged and so easy to prepare. I just threw it in the microwave and 2 minutes later I had a fresh tasting meal that filled me up. I love the variety of meals this program provides. I was never bored with these meals and the flavor is fantastic (nothing bland about it).

Overall I LOVED this program. I loved the meal options, how much time I saved in the kitchen, and the amount of stress it took off of me so I didn’t have to cook multiple meals. My kids got to enjoy their favorite meals and I got a fantastic tasting meal that took 2 minutes to prepare.

Personal Trainer food program has offered our reader a fantastic discount! Use code PTFMOMS125 to take $125 off of a 28 day food program! That will bring the price down to less than many people spend on a month’s worth of food! So give it a try, I really think you’ll enjoy it.


Press Sample I received product in exchange for my honest review.