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Now a giveaway!!  As soon as I saw the title of these music CDs, I knew they were for me.  I love music, love to dance and love to watch my boys bond with music.  I was given the opportunity to review Charity and the JAMband’s Party Like a Twinkle Star CDs:


Party Like a Twinkle Star features ten booty-shaking songs on one disc, “PARTY” (songs for rocking out), and ten more soothing, soulful songs on the second disc, “TWINKLE” (songs for tucking in).These new and original songs have been recorded over the past three years and originally were conceived as two separate albums. Earlier this year, JAMband leader Charity Kahn decided to put them together as one set, divided by mood. One CD features the “celebratory, rockin’, funkin’, JAMband sound” and the second CD features “the more magical, mystical and inspirational JAMband love-a-bye songs,” according to Kahn.


Charity and the JAMband create original music and dance for families to enjoy together. Led by Charity Kahn, a Stanford trained mathematician, musician and educator (and mother of two boys ages 10 and 7), the JAMband’s music has been compared to “Phish for Kids” (Sirius-XM’s Kids Place Live) and the bluesy style of Chaka Kahn and Stevie Nicks.

Retails for $20.00.


My take:  I love, love, love these CDs especially the Party CD.  It is very rare that I would listen to children’s CDs when my children are not present but I would listen to either of the CDs in a heartbeat.  Absolute Favorite (it was really hard to pick but Get Your Booty Out of Bed).   Both boys and I were dancing our hearts out with the Party CD and the Twinkle CD was magical…2 huge thumbs up!




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  1. JAM is a hootenanny, a hullabaloo, a dance party, a shindig-bash, a festival, a family band, a rain dance, a sun song, a fairy frolic, a wander in the park, a race on the beach, a flitting floating butterfly-bop, a blundering thundering elephant-stomp, a twirling-whirling-swirling dizzy-dee fall-down boogie!

  2. Charity loves music …..from an early age, she says she was raised in a small town in Wisconsin by two piano teachers & weaned on Bach and Brahms and Mozart.

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  3. .. You didnt mention that .. Charity and the JAMband’s fourth (and fifth!) studio album is a unique yin-yang approach to kindie rock. Opposites attract as groovy, party animal Disc One meets the soft, melodic lullaby

  4. This month’s song, Row Row Row Your Boat, is next in a series of JAMband songs that re-interpret children’s nursery rhymes in a funky wordplay-driven way (first came Hey Diddle Diddle, then Partner Dance aka Ring Around the Rosie, then of course Twinkle Twinkle).

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