Parlour Games for Modern Families


Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a book full of some wonderful family or friend oriented activities that do not take plugs, passwords, ear buds or even electricity!

What?  How can that be?  We are talking about good classic fun family games that can be played any time, any place!  And not just one or two – I am talking about a giant book full of ideas and long forgotten activities!

When I received the book in the mail, I immediately thumbed through it and was instantly transported back to my childhood.  A time when kids played outside together and made up their own games.  Or played games that had been passed down from generation to generation.  Visions of several of us playing “Kick the Can”, “Blind Man’s Bluff”, “Telephone” and my personal favorite ‘Marbles” came to mind and I found myself smiling as I reminisced in my treasured childhood memories.

We do have the occasional Family Game Night at our house so when I told my kids that we were going to try out some games, they ran to the game closet.  When I told them we didn’t need any of those things, and that we were just going to pick something from the book I had in my hands – they looked pretty skeptical.

I glanced through the different sections of games which are categorized by game type.  Just to share a few; there are Games with Pictures, Games with Numbers, Games with Blindfolds, Games of Make-Believe, Games with a Straight Face…  That one caught my attention!  I chose The Sculptor for us to play.  The object of the game is to keep a straight face while standing in a ridiculous contorted position.  This one sounded fun!!

I was the Sculptor first and arranged each of my girls in various silly positions.  The players being sculpted are not allowed to smile, even slightly, or to close their eyes.  Here are the kids in their sculpted positions – not quite mastering the “no smiling rule”!



I ended up having to turn it into a no giggling rule – and still they didn’t make it for very long at all!  They loved the game and have suggested playing several times in the past week.  They are also enjoying going through the book and picking out their own choices of games to play.

I would like to share a little about the book and Authors taken from the Media Release:

With Parlour Games for Modern Families, a book for fun-lovers aged four to 104, the authors wind back the clock to remind you of games you’d forgotten and then a whole lot more.

Remember:  there is always time enough for playing.  So, gather the family together; ask over some friends.  Warm the milk for hot cocoa, play Squeak Piggy Squeak, and watch the good feeling spread; see it grow exponentially.

About the Authors:

Myfanwy Jones is a games-obsessive and, as a mother of two and aunty of 17, she has many great excuses to play.  She has also published numerous articles and short stories, and her debut novel, “The Rainy Season”, was released by Penguin in March 2009.

Spiri Tsintziras, along with her tribe of young and not-so-young research assistants, has re-discovered the joy of games in the writing of this book.  When she is not playing, she writes for work and pleasure, and has had numerous articles published in The Age.

My thoughts: Parlour Games for Modern Families is a perfect find for today’s families!  With families everywhere tightening their entertainment budgets, the timing for this book just couldn’t be better!  All the games make use of everyday items that are easily found in the average home and many don’t require anything at all.  I love this book and can see us using so many of the game ideas together as a family and also for parties and get togethers in the future.  I already have a couple new games picked out for an upcoming birthday party!







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