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A couple of weeks ago the dreaded scenario happened: the air conditioning was on the fritz.  Of course it had to be during the 90 degree plus weather but we luckily have a basement that stays pretty cool. Bedtime arrived and the task of finding comfortable sleeping arrangements loomed ahead.  My husband looked at me and said “what do we do?”  No problem, the 16 month old can sleep in the pack-n-play, we get the bed, and the 3 yr old can take the new travel bed from One Step Ahead.


I have some wonderful things in the next several weeks to share with you from the great company One Step Ahead. If you haven’t heard of One Step Ahead you need to check them out.  A little about the company:

The first thing we’d like you to know: we’re not like other children’s companies. For one thing, our parent company, Chelsea & Scott literally is a “parent company!” We were founded by two real life parents, Karen and Ian Scott, who wanted the best for their own children.

Frustrated by products that looked terrific in stores and catalogs, but didn’t live up to their promises, the Scotts traded in Fortune 500 careers to pursue their vision of a different kind of baby company.

For three decades, One Step Ahead has helped new parents navigate the complex baby market. Then in 1989, Leaps and Bounds, a sister catalog geared to children, joined the Chelsea & Scott family. Today, we remain committed to bringing you what parents want: high quality products…ingenious parenting solutions…outstanding service…and the toughest guarantees in the industry.

The first product I received (and most favorite) was the Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed.  How many of you stay overnight somewhere and have the kids camp out on the floors?  If you are like me, quite a lot.  Well the Tuck-Me-In Travel bed for children is as versatile as the pack-n-play is for the baby.  The  best-selling kids’ travel bed lets you tuck blankets in, so kids feel cozier, just like at home! Soft and cushy, with a flocked, quilted surface. It even comes with its own nifty pump and travel bag.


My take:  I absolutely love that this bed comes with its own little pump which fits nicely inside the travel bag.  It took less than 10 minutes to inflate the bed (I even used it the next day to inflate the little swimming pool).  The Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed has several great features.  My favorite aspect is that it actually has little built in sides so your toddler won’t roll off the bed.  It also gives you the opportunity to tuck blankets in just like the bed at home.  You can literally pick up the matress and tuck the sheets into a little well…genius!!  The matress itself is covered by a quilted surface so you don’t have that hard ground poking up at your child which is great.

My 3 yr old slept like a rock in this bed.  Of course getting him to actually go to sleep was a little difficult as to be expected with a new surronding but once he was out he didn’t wake up until the morning.  His little face actually crumpled when I told him I needed to put his “bed” away when the A/C repairman came and fixed the A/C, but he quickly cheered up when I told him we could use it the next time we traveled.

This bed is a great option when visiting friends, family, or staying the night in a hotel.  It inflates easily,  is comfortable to sleep on, the sheets can be tucked in, and your toddler won’t roll out of the bed.  You can purchase it from One Step Ahead for $80.

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