One on One (Tony Horton) Mammoth UML Review


Volume 1, Disc 8:  Mammoth UML

Length:  55 Minutes

The Mammoth UML workout consists of six rounds of three exercises each, with an Upper then Middle then Lower exercise in each round.  This one takes place in Tony’s hotel room, proving that you do not need a lot of space or equipment to stay in shape while you are traveling.

I chose to do this workout now since I am in a recovery week and this one sounded like the perfect workout to squeeze into my routine.

Crunchy Frogs
Deep Squats
Chair Dips
Fifer Scissors (I admit I groaned when he picked these!)
Run Stance Jump Switch
Chataranga pushup/SideArm Balance
Slow Mason Twists
Walking Lunges
Staggered Switch Hand Pushups
Hip Lock and Raise
Super Skaters
Pike Press
Speed Bicycles
Side Lunge Jump/Slide
Plyo Skipper (amazingly I could actually do a little bit of these- but they are oh so hard on the wrists!!)
Oblique V-up
Jump Knee Tucks (why do they always do these things at the end of the workout?)

I tend to like my workouts structured and in this one Tony did not have a plan on which exercises to do.  He picked many of the ones that I am not that fond of – although thinking about it now, I can’t really say that there are many that I really love!  He’s pretty casual in this one – I mean he works out in his slippers for half of it and bare feet for the rest of it.  I think his casual attitude rubbed off on me a bit and I may not have pushed it as hard as I usually do.

Although not too difficult (I’m kidding-the pace may be a bit slower but this is still a hard workout), I am still sore today (thank you push-ups) so this is a nice workout for recovery week.

Now if you shut the workout off too quickly you will miss the bonus stretch that plays after Mammoth UML and lasts for about 20 minutes.  Tony gives good instruction in this DVD and is pretty talkative and easy to follow.  He’s also in a good mood and his playful side of his personality comes through nicely.  Overall I think this will be a good addition to give variety to my recovery weeks.

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