One on One (Tony Horton) Fountain of Youth Yoga Review


Volume 1, Disc 6:  Fountain of Youth Yoga

Length:  48 Minutes

If you followed the 90 Day Fitness Challenge then you know how much I hated dreaded the Yoga.  Somewhere between finishing round one of P90X and starting my hybrid of P90X and Insanity, I rediscovered my love for yoga!  I wait for it all week and love, love, love the days I get to start out with yoga.

Fountain of Youth yoga is a great workout.  Tony has good prompts and instruction in this one, which I still need.  I need him to remind me where my foot should be placed or where my knee needs to be.  His pace is wonderful and its just an all around great workout.  At a little over 45 minutes it is much easier to fit in than the 90 minute P90X yoga.  Again he is casual and actually kind of looks like he just got out of bed.  But then again so did I lol!  Since this is the uncut version some of the shots are a little off center or shots that are not exactly perfect like Tony’s head being off the screen.  You only notice this though if you watch the video when you are not actually doing the workout, because otherwise you are too busy working out yourself to notice.

My final opinion:  Fountain of Youth Yoga will give you a great alternative for your yoga workouts – I absolutely love it and it has become one of my new favorites!

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