One on One (Tony Horton) Cardio 5-6 Plus Review


Volume 1, Disc 7:  Cardio 5-6 Plus (also known as Super Cardio)

Length:  47 Minutes

The Cardio 5-6 Plus workout consists of nine exercises done in sets of three, three times each.  Finally a cardio workout that I can keep up with!  I don’t know if it’s because I have been mixing Insanity cardio in with my P90X workouts and my cardio is improving or if this one is just easier, but I loved this workout.  Part of it might be that this one is shorter than many of the workouts I have been doing at about 30 minutes of cardio and a GREAT long stretch at the end.

One interesting thing about this workout is that Tony did not feel like working out and he sort of took on this workout the same way I take on most of mine.  He didn’t feel like doing it, he didn’t want to be there – but he did it anyway.

This is one that I will definitely keep on hand for when I am short on time but need a cardio workout.  Or when I am feeling a bit down because I can’t keep up with some of the others – this one helps me realize how far I have come!

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