Nutrisystem Update Week 4 & 5 (Video)


I am down 10 pounds!!

Check out my (very 1st !) Video blog below on how the last 2 weeks effected me and my diet.

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I was nervous just so you know lol……



I am not a doctor, nor should i be confused as one.

Please consult your physician before starting any exercise or diet routine.

Results such as mine may not be typical.

I did receive product and service from Nutrisyem for my review.


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  1. 18 minutes lol!! It’s like one of our short phone conversations :)) You are so super cute and as always you made me laugh many times – love it, LOVE it! Good Job sticking with the program – you look great!

    • lol 😀 Thank you! I was really nervous but i just acted like i was talking to someone in person.. not a mini camera that made me want to throw it out my door. Seriously that cam was my worse enemy lol.

  2. You’re so cute, Angela! I always picture you with the long hair in your avatar, so it was great to see you!

    And the video was awesome, I didn’t think you seemed too nervous… but heck! You shouldn’t be! You’ve lost 10 pounds and are rocking it! 🙂

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