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It has been awhile since I have worked with Novica and I was delighted to see all of great new products they have since added.  A few of my favorites:  Peruvian Chrysocolla Jewelry, Womens Brazilian Belts and the gorgeous Long Dresses.


I was given a $75 gift certificate and after about an hour of very hard decision making I ended up with two wooden statues (yes I went over like I usually do lol):

Guardian Cat:



Conveying a kitten’s playfulness, a cat stands alert. Nengah Sudarsana depicts the feline in warm Balinese suar wood, lovingly carved by hand.

Mother and Daughter:


By Eka, who has young children of her own, this beautiful portrait celebrates family. It conveys a mother’s protective affection and her small daughter’s trusting love. Suar wood’s rich grain enhances the exquisite sculpture.

My take:  First I was shocked at how tall the Mother and Daughter sculpture was:


The level of detail always astounds me:



Both of these pieces hold a special place in my heart since I just celebrated the first birthday of my only daughter (after having two boys) and recently losing one of my beloved cats.  Each of these pieces will always remind me of the love I have for both.



Press Sample


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