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NGR Shoes use weights! It’s that simple. Put the weights in and each shoe weighs between 1.5 and 3 lbs more depending on shoe size. The weights turn your NGR Shoes into a veritable piece of fitness equipment. Take the weights out and you have an everyday cross trainer. Good for anything from running to playing sports with your friends. Now that’s a toning shoe!

What else?

NGR Shoes are the only toning shoes and workout shoes you can use to walk, do stairs, bike, AND engage in someHARDCORE training. Jump Frog up a stadium, do high-knees across the field, do football drills like laterals or shuffles, do jumping-jacks, burpees, and jump-rope and SUPERSIZE your routine!

I had seen NGR shoe reviews sparingly across the net, but really didn’t understand them too well. Also with all the similar models out there, i just wasn’t hearing great news about the ‘exerciser shoe’ craze.

No Gym Required is certainly in a league of their own after just the initial look & feel. I personally like heavy shoes. My feet feel less stressed and for some reason i just feel better. NGR shoes weigh 1-3 pounds heavier (depending on sizes) and come with inserts you can replace the weights with to wear as regular shoes. I have yet to replace mine. I absolutely love the shoes. I feel great in mine. I instantly feel taller, slimmer, and just an all round great inner feeling. I do notice muscle movement more in my thighs, calves, and butt.

My husband even noticed i had not touched my sandals in a while. I usually wear them 24/7 because they are just so easy to slip on. However i wake up and i don’t care if i am sitting here blogging, i will put my NGR shoes on right away. That way, they are on and all through the day i have them on and i feel like i am taking a better step at life just with having them on. Laundry, dishes, getting the mail, cleaning, etc.; simple daily routines.

I do have to walk to get my daughter from school Monday to Friday. Its a 2 mile walk all around. I really wanted to see how my feet and body would feel after using No Gym Required shoes for a week. Once again, i felt great, i had a real bounce in my step and nothing was squishing my toes. I am a frugal mom, but had very much contemplated buying another brand of exercise shoes. Seeing how these NGR weighted shoes work, i can honestly tell you to put your money on NGR over a competitor. Women-$169, Men-$179

There are some things you should not do while wearing these (trust me DO NOT drive with these on and the weights in). If you do purchase some NGR’s please read your booklet. Also order 1/2 size LARGER than what you wear. (ie- you wear a 7, order a 7.5)

Also, from now till December 1st, $30 of every pair sold will go towards the fight of Breast Cancer. Check out NGR on The Today Show!

I would give No Gym Required the Mommy PR Approval. I wore them for our 2 hour fiasco walk on Halloween too! Now one last thing, i see others saying they have lost weight with them, i haven’t lost any weight that i have noticed, however i would not turn back even if i never lost any. They really make me feel so great, my feet are on cloud 9, and just the overall emotional feel i have with them on, is worth more to me than losing any pound.

Hurry over, and grab the Black & Pink pair (which i have!), they are totally more uber cute in person!

One lucky reader will get the NGR Travel Gym. (pictured above). It is a great fitness tool and a gym on the go for anyone!


Check out NGR and tell me something you like about the shoes.


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I did receive NGR shoes in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. I love this feature: they help burn up to 50% more calories. However, it looks like I just copied from Rosey up there, so I’ll say something about how it improves your core muscles. Excellent!

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