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French fries, buffalo wings, doughnuts I love them all! But I hate how you go to your favorite fast food restaurant with the expectation of crispy, fresh out of the fryer goodness and end up with greasy, limp fries. With the Ninja Professional Frying system I was able to get the perfect French fries and they we delicious and hardly greasy at all! The Ninja Professional Frying system cooks 40% faster which results in 30% less fat in your food. When setting up my Ninja Professional Frying system I loved the break-away safety power cord which will turn off the fryer if the power cord gets yanked or the fryer were to tip.

Ninja Fryer Review

After washing and assembling the fryer it was time to add the oil, also very easy since there is a fill line marked on the inside of the oil reservoir.

Ninja Fryer Review 2

Once you have the oil filled to the fill line put the cover on and plug in the fryer. The Ninja fryer has a control panel that you can program the oil temperature desired. This is the only feature that I had a little trouble with. Once the oil was pre-heated I would enter the desired frying time and the system would shut off. Took me a few times of retrying and reading the manual (still not fully sure what I did wrong, so I used the kitchen timer) try to figure out the proper way to use the feature.

I ended up making buffalo chicken wings and followed the recipe that was included with the Ninja Professional fryer system. Be sure not to overcrowd the basket and slowly lower the basket into the pre-heated oil. When the chicken wings are done remove the cover (be sure not to tilt the cover or the condensation will drip into the hot oil and will pop, not fun).

Ninja Fryer Review 3

(terrifying oil popping moment, hubs couldn’t stop laughing) Lift the basket and hook it on the side of the oil reservoir to allow the food to drain. After about 30 seconds I threw the wings into the delicious hot sauce.

Chicken Wings With Fryer

Hubs was my official taste tester and he approved, said they were as good as some wing restaurants back home! Clean up was so easy and the easy pour spout made disposing of used oil a no mess situation. Overall I really enjoyed the Ninja Professional Fryer System and would recommend it to anyone looking for a home frying appliance. It currently retails at Target for $69.99 and I think this is a great price considering all of the features and how great my food turned out.


Review by Amanda
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