Nicole Sullivan running the Culver City 5K


Jenny Craig spokesperson Nicole Sullivan running the Culver City 5K with her husband and two sons (via strollers) this past Sunday!  This was Nicole’s first 5K ever, and she was ready to tackle the challenge after losing 35 lbs on Jenny Craig.  It seems like she’s following in the footsteps of our Boston Marathon runner Miss Valerie Bertinelli!

Nicole Sullivan followed the food-body-mind principles of Jenny Craig by meeting with her consultant weekly, following a nutritional balanced menu and gradually increasing her activity over the course of four months from walking 1-2 times a week up to 4-5 times a week for 45 minutes. Nicole lost 35 lbs on the Jenny Craig program in 16 weeks* by adapting portion control and walking. After she hit her goal weight of 124 lbs, Nicole wanted to get toned and worked with trainer once or twice a week for four weeks to firm up by incorporating mom-friendly traditional exercises in her home such as squats, lunges, push ups and sit ups.

Since the end of September 2009, Sullivan has served as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, chronicling her “baby-weight loss” journey through a series of video and written blogs with a goal to lose 35 pounds. Her reveal will be shown in a set of nationally-televised commercials this spring and summer.

How amazing would it be to to run a 5K?  This is really a great accomplishment for any woman who is struggling to lose weight. To lose 35 lbs and then go for a 5k is a true accomplishment in my eyes. Her losing that much in only 16 weeks really could give us hope that it can be done. I am attaching photo’s below.  Doesn’t Nicole Sullivan look great? The last picture is by far my favorite.

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