New Year to a Healthier Me


Some times we wait until the first of a New Year to make the big resolutions to change our lives. There is nothing wrong with waiting till January to begin the journey for a better you because there are so many others that are also taking the plunge. It seems that there is so much more support during this month.

Setting reasonable goals to master help us achieve them. If I made a resolution right now to climb Mt Everest or run the Boston Marathon by the years end, I would be setting myself up for failure. I haven’t been out running and I certainly haven’t been preparing my body for the high mountain altitude. There is only so much that we can safely push our bodies without training, endurance, and acclimating. Instead this New Year, I have started with 3 smaller obtainable goals with the help of the New Year, New Me Challenge from CalorieStory, a free calorie tracking application on Facebook.

Because I am pregnant I am going to manage my weight this year by tracking the calories I am eating. It is the simplest way to prevent over eating and unnecessary weight gain. The CalorieStory application is easy to modify to my specific needs. In the tab at the top I just modified my Calorie Budget from a 5’4″ woman weighing 145 lbs receiving 1200 calories a day to my specific height and measurement and the calories. I then received a caloric number based on that to lose a pound a week…which I then modified again to meet my doctor’s requirements for my pregnancy. It was fun though, I could adjust the calorie budget even more to see how the different numbers changed the weight loss. I’ve also noticed as I use CalorieStory daily that it figures the amount of weight loss based on the amount of food I put in. Yesterday I didn’t use the whole Calorie Budget and my projected weight loss was 11lbs a month, if I kept it up.

I have also used the New Year, New Me Challenge to set 3 separate mini goals this month. I plan to do 30 minutes of cardio exercise, at least 3 times a week, order smaller portions when eating out once a week, and eat a healthy breakfast each morning. These are all little, achievable goals that will make a huge difference in my life. I’ve read it takes 21 days to make something a habit…I have 31 days to change these mini goals into a healthy habit for life. If you are interested in joining me and join the challenge you have a chance to win some great prizes.

CalorieStory - New Year, New Me

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Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own. I am not a medical professional. I have received product for review purposes. It has not altered my personal beliefs in any way.

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