N-Fini Shapewear Review



I was so excited to try out a shapewear product from N-Fini. I choose the Style 591 Full Bottom Cami Bodysuit with Shaper Bra. I was able to put this on for Christmas and try to make myself look a little better. I was hoping it would suck my belly in and make me look thinner. It did make my tummy look a little thinner. The N-Fini bodysuit also made my back look like there wasn’t any rolls there. So it does sooth out the fat a little. Now please don’t expect it to magically make you look like you lost 50 pounds because I know it didn’t do it for me but it did make me feel better about myself. It made me feel like I was toner than I am. I felt like I looked a little better and that was one of my main goals. Everyone wants to look their best for the Holidays. The shapewear was comfortable and I didn’t even notice I had it on after I got dressed. I was thinking it would feel like a bathing suit but it didn’t. It feels really light.

The N-Fini shapewear that I reviewed has a non-invasive micro-fiber elastic trim, tagless label, plush adjustable shoulder straps, firm tummy control, adjustable bottom closure (which was great for using the rest room), full bottom control with a torso shaper and shaper bra. I did love how I did not have to pull the entire bodysuit down to use the rest room. All you do is unfasten the clasp that is made like the back of a bra. That is a major plus for women. I know I don’t want the trouble of pulling it up and down about 5 times while wearing it. I was so glad that N-Fini thought of that for us.

N-Fini has shorts, leggings, strapless tops, bodysuits, arm shaper shirts, camis, tank tops, bras and even dresses. The variety of the choices and colors are great.

Want to check them out and see if they have something that would interest you? Just Click Here and go check them out.

Thanks N-Fini for letting me review your product.

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  1. Oh man – I wish I had one of these for this formal thing I have to attend this weekend! I am so close to fitting into my really nice suit (I really don’t love formal lol!) and I bet something like this would do the trick!

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