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A typical scenario in my household: my oldest son goes to bed by 8:00 (if we are very lucky he is asleep no later than 8:30). Then every single night between 2-4 AM I am attacked by this wiggling 3 yr old crawling into my bed. Goodbye restful sleep because now I get kicked, prodded, and elbowed. I hate to say this but it is all my husband’s fault! When I was home for 6 weeks by myself while my husband started his new job, I religiously got up and put my child in his bed but when our old house sold and we moved I gave that night time responsiblity to him because I was getting up nursing my youngest. It didn’t take long until that restless child started interrupting my sleep. When I ask dear husband how this happens each morning he has the nerve to say “I don’t even remember him crawling into bed with us!”
The very first company I contacted for my reviews was My Tot Clock. I had read on numerous blogs about this product and was curious to find out myself if all the hype was true. So I contacted the inventor Pamela Gonzalez who had ended her mommy blogger marketing campaign but was so impressed by our devoted readers that she opened her Tot Clock vault to us.
My Tot Clock was invented by a sleep-deprived mommy who finally figured out the reason why young children are unable to stay in their beds is because they have no idea what time it is. She also dealt with the diffiiculties of getting her child to sleep with the dreaded negotiations and tears. She soon realized that she needed to invent a clock that changes colors, so children would know when to sleep and when it’s okay to get out of bed. My Tot Clock is an all-in-one sleep aid, alarm clock, nightlight, and timer for children ages 2+.

Let me break it down for you. My Tot Clock is a product that has a digital clock located on the back, but has a large easy-to-read analog clock on the front. It teaches little ones when to sleep (blue light) and when it’s okay to get out of bed -wake up(yellow light). My Tot Clock also comes with the added features of a light blue light for nap time, a red light for timeout, and a green light for any positive timed activity. I absolutely love the red time-out and the green positive buttons because once those buttons are activated they stay lit until the time is completed (ensuring tiny little fingers won’t disrupt the time setting). My 3 yr old brings the clock with him to the time out chair, presses the red button, and then waits for the clock to turn yellow. I use the green “positive” button for potty training, teeth brushing, and finishing chores. The greatest thing about this clock is that it changes color when the activity is done alerting him and I no longer have to hear “Am I done yet?”

I will say when I first opened the clock and turned it around I was a little intimidated by all the buttons. The user’s guide is extremely easy to follow and I had the clock up and running within 5 minutes. Basically you hold the desired activity button (sleep, wake, etc) and you press the hour and minute button until is is set at the desired time. (ie bedtime 8:00 pm). My Tot Clockalso comes with the options of having story time, lullabies, and white noise. You can customize the options and have all, some, or none. We use the story time and lullabies but not the white noise. If you choose all 3 options the story will automatically play when the sleep routine starts, followed by 30 minutes of music, then white noise through out the remainder of the night. The blue light also acts as a night light and has 5 illumination levels. To set wake-up time simply press the yellow button on the back and set the time you want your child to wake up. At that desired time, the clock changes to yellow and fun music plays alerting your child it is now OK to get up and leave his room. There are override buttons located on the top of the clock to manually start sleep and wake routines if “life happens”. My Tot Clock Treasures (cartidges) offer a variety of different songs/stories besides the one included and different faceplates are also available if you want to customize your clock.

So bottom line….does it work? I give this product a huge 2 thumbs up. While we have not totally eliminated our child from invading our bed, it has significantly cut down on the amount of time he spends in our bed. I have  been using this for a little over a month and he climbs into our bed 30 minutes before the sleep light goes off at the most 2 days a week…whoo hoo! I recommend this clock to anyone who has a child that has difficulty staying in their room during bedtime. My Tot Clock sells for $49.95. Additonal story/music cartridges or “treasures” & faceplates are $9.99 each. I will definitely be buying more Tot Clock treasures.
Pamela is generously offering one MommyPR reader their very own My Tot Clock.


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  1. Each of my 5 kids have used up their tot clocks; it’s time for the new youngest child to have his clock to over use.

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