My Nutrisystem 1st Week Weigh In


Secretly on the back end of Mommy PR, I have been dieting. Actually not dieting, just eating the right way and learning how to curve my hungers, my snacking, and my calories. You may have been following the Mommy PR Team as we each have tried and tested a few exercise and nutritional products. Some worked and some not so much. Dawn has been the one that has showed significant results on her P90x. Andrea toned up with 10 Minute Trainer, and I tried (i use that word loosely) Slim In 6.

I can call myself lazy when it comes to working out. I think its the forcing myself to do it repeatedly. Anyways, I would still eat what i wanted, when i wanted. This lovely method gently added the pounds to my body over the years. I went from a size 7 to a size 14.

I seen that Nutrisystem were looking for moms to test their program. I really had not heard of them , or even what the process was they used. Checking them out more, i seen it was basically a food diet. They provided the food, and the structure and you were suppose to see the weight come off slow and steady. Hum. Well i figured it couldn’t hurt. I love food and I could surely try this.

I was allowed to select my own foods from a long list of premade meals. I had a really hard time choosing mainly because i could have honestly ate any of them. I selected breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert; all leading up to 1200 calories a day. I was also able to speak to a nutritionist on my dairy intake since milk and I do not get along much. All of my food arrived via UPS and then my frozen foods by Schwans.

I have to admit i felt lost right before my food came. I kept thinking , “how will i know what to eat when?” If you leave it up to me, i will be eating dessert 1st and breakfast last. Thankfully when the food came, it had a wonderful packet in it that spoke plain jane to me. It explains everything is color coded (ie– Green is lunch, Blue is breakfast, etc). It also tells you what to eat each meal. So for breakfast, i am to have one Nutrisystem breakfast, then a dairy or protein, and a fruit. Now if you are like me, i have no idea what could be in that food group. Thank fully, the book has an awesome section that tells you everything that falls into each category. So here, i could have anything from string cheese to tuna for breakfast. It will also tell you how much you are allowed for each one too. This way you don’t go grab 5 string cheese when you are only suppose to have one. I really like how simple everything is. Plus, there is a ton of freedom. What i mean by that is, some foods are unlimited. For lunch, i can add a vegetable, well my veggi choice is a salad. My salads are unlimited, so i can eat till i feel full and not feel guilty. There are several unlimited foods in Nutrisystem, including colas, water, teas, etc. Just no Alcohol.

Staying on that note; i want to add that if you are having a wonderful night out with hubby at a restaurant or most likely the usual McD’s brunch with the kids, you can still indulge in your favorite fries, just do it sensible. Your plan will come with a great booklet on what to choose when out to eat. I would also advise you to add a great calorie app to your phone. I downloaded one for just 1.99 that had like 700 resteraunts and fast food places on it with their whole menu and calorie count. If you can’t go that route, just check online before you leave. (Example: My Favorite Starbucks Drink)

Wow, so now that I am kinda off topic of why i was even blogging this today, lets get back to my weigh in. Ok, i started my diet on March 2nd 2011, i weighed in on March 9th 2011. That is exactly 7 days of structured eating with 2 days of vigorous walking in Seattle. I honestly did not feel any different. So what i seen on the scale, surprised the heck out of me. How did I lose 5 Pounds?

  • Day 1- Things started out fine, i rushed through my breakfast thinking i had to eat all this food fast. I started to starve before lunch came, and when it did i gorged my lunch down. I never thought i would make it till dinner, thank god for that snack in between. Finished with 1233.3 calories
  • Day 2- Again i rushed through breakfast. Again i felt like i would die with out snacking through out the day. Again i survived with only 1247 calories. Learned the hardest thing to do is cook something awesome for my family to eat, and not touch it myself.
  • Day 3- I watched my family eat pizza in front of me. I broke down and had ONE breadstick. That thing had 130 calories in ONE stick!! But it also set me over my goal and i managed to devour a total of 1310.4 calories for the day. Boo!
  • Day 4- We ventured out too early for me to grab one of my meals for breakfast and rolled into Mcds. This was a test for my new calorie app. I chose a simple Sausage McMuffin w/ hashbrown. However i also burned 1056 calories that day walking. Total calorie intake for the day was 1300.7. I am also noticing that bananas and/or a lot of greens are stopping me up.
  • Day 5- By today i am out of salad and bananas, so i switched to orange juice and apple juice for my fruit choices. I am a lot less hungry through out the day. I added a second dessert treat and ended with 1090.4 calories.
  • Day 6- I finally pooped. And the raunchy gas that i was passing this whole week has finally stopped. I was tired of sleeping on the couch from it. I did reach out on FB as to why i had it, and several ppl helped on what to buy or add to get it to stop. I finished my day feeling a ton better and at 1027.9 calories
  • Day 7- I stepped on the scale 3 times to make sure i seen the right number. It screamed 160 to me. I lost 5 pds! I had a larger lunch than usual but still ended with 1122.1 calories and that was with a York Peppermint Patty!

Yep, i am 5 pounds closer to my goal of 130 pds.

I know a few people who have asked how good are the foods. Several have even said they hear rumors the stuff tastes like cardboard. I like food. I like good food. I don’t eat cardboard nor crappy food. Nutrisystem foods do really taste good except the Nacho Chips which i found blahh. One bite and those were done. Everything else i have ate, has been exceptionally perfect tasting. Their steak and cheese sandwiches are the best, and I am sad i didn’t choose more of the tuna and chicken salads.

I would love for you to join me on Nutrisystem. I have several $30 coupons to share. If you are considering becoming a member (btw- there are NO contracts!), leave me any questions you have, and an email for me to send your coupon. Right now the plan i am on is only $259 and if you buy now, it will lock in that price for any month(s) after! Remember, this includes your breakfast, lunch, diner, snack and dessert. They do offer family plans, mens, women, and diabetic.

So there is my Week 1 ! See you next week for another update!

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Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or diet routine.

Results such as mine and the bloggers above may not be typical.

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