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SCOOTALOO pony loves to play games. She’s always on the go to meet and play outdoors with her pony friends, especially her big sister CHEERILEE pony!

With big, beautiful eyes, a happy face and a pretty butterfly CUTIE MARK design on her side, your SCOOTALOO pony figure is sure to be a very special friend! Brush your adorable pony pal’s hair with her own brush so she looks as lovely as can be and then take her on all of your imaginative adventures. No matter where you two go, you and your new friend are sure to have all kinds of fun!

Pony figure comes with brush accessory.

My daughters were so excited to open a package that was for them (again lol). Ariel always sees the UPS guy and yells “Mommy is more presents for me”. HAA. Well this time, it was a cute little My Little Pony. Now along with the Strawberry Shortcake Dolls, this is another item i adore for girls. I remember watching the cartoon when i was little, so to have these same characters evolve with time is amazing. They are wholesome and perfect for little hands. No breakable parts or batteries. Simple little horses with bright colors and imagination. Our next purchase in the My Little Pony department will be the So Soft Newborn. It always catches Ariels attention. And for me and Jasmyne (yes i said me lol) I just found these Designer MLP !


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  1. I won’t show the Hasbro My Little Pony site to my daughter…she would want everything on it! My favorite is the MY LITTLE PONY SO SOFT NEWBORN CHEERILEE Pony.

    Thank you. 🙂

  2. My daughter would love this story book she is 2 and she loves my little ponys and reading
    MY LITTLE PONY A PONY’S TALE Storybook is another my little pony Item from hasboros website that I would love to have for her…

  3. My sweet niece loves My Little Pony! I adore the MY LITTLE PONY PONYVILLE SWEETIE BELLE’S GUMBALL HOUSE Playset! Super cute! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

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