My Husband Made Me Fat


Who said I couldn’t blame my husband? You know you want to agree with me.

When I started my Nutrisystem my husband was just leaving for a few weeks. While he was gone, I stayed on track and true to myself. I even lost 10 pounds! Then he came home.

I love him, I do. But like most men, he can eat all day every day and not gain a darn pound. Or even better, he can look like hes bloated, go poop and lose it all. Like oh i just lost 5 pounds in the bathroom, no biggie.

Makes me scream.

So, when he came back home, of course we were excited to see daddy again, and took him out to dinner. Then the next day to lunch. Then ordered in the next day. You get the picture. It’s now 2 weeks later and I weighed myself this morning; I’m UP 4.3 pounds.

Needless to say, I hopped myself back on the crazy train and took my vitamins, filled my Nutrisystem bottle up, and ate my breakfast; all before 6am. I will be darned if I am going to let myself get back up to 165.

Now my neighbor had commented to me yesterday that I looked thinner when she seen me on Easter. I do feel much skinnier too. I feel so much better. Then last night, even though I ate my Nutrisystem dinner, I think I ate it too late because I woke up with just these horrible bloated type gassy pains. All I could think was to call them “you’re getting fat again” pain. No way was I going to live with that.

Of course it is all my fault for gaining since I wanted to eat what they were eating (on a side note I did try to count the calories and choose better foods when we ate out). However isn’t it much easier to just blame my husband and his perfect metabolism? I have to blame someone, since I can’t say I have baby weight …4 years later.

What’s your latest weight loss battle?

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  1. Angela, one thing that might help is to save calories up, budget them so that you can plan to eat a special meal with your hubby at least x1 per week. Also when my hubby cooks, I remove 1/2 of what he’s put on my plate & save it for another meal. Guys tend to serve us like they serve themselves.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with nutri-system as I’ve been thinking of trying it to shed the winter weight myself!

  2. I blame my husband too. He HAS to have junk food in the house or he will PERISH! He will need no embalming at all because this guy eats so many preservatives from all the Little Debbie and other goodies he just cant leave at the store. When I met him I thought it was just a “college guy” thing…but that was 20 years ago. So I bake every week a few times so he WONT buy junk with all the things in we cant pronounce. I do pretty good but the past year and half I have joined in on his habit WAY too much. And now have over 25 lbs to lose. I hear ya’ on the poop thing. It is just not fair.

  3. Hillarious. My Husband can eat a pack of duplex cookies everday plus 3 meals drink all the soda he wants and never gain a pound. I on the other hand has packed on pounds from soda. Now I have to go through caffeine withdrawls, starve myslef and workout to loose 4lbs in 2 weeks. Go Figure! Good luck with your weight loss endeavor.

  4. This is so funny (but sad at the same time because it’s true!)

    My husband can eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING whenever he wants and it makes me so mad sometimes! We actually tried the Nutrisystem together, he of course lost focus… he mainly did it to support me in the beginning, which I can’t blame him for. It wasn’t a bad program, but it was hard for me to stay on track after he fizzled out.

    Luckily I am the one with the better skin though! Still, I could definitely lose a few pounds :/

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