My Adventure At Moms Nite Out- Tacoma Mall 2011


Whew. I am alive!

It’s like when you ride in the car with someone going faster than you want and you reach your stop and jump out screaming in happiness. That was Moms Nite Out.

First of all, that day went great all around. My mom left me this off the wall inspirational quote on my messenger (sniffle), then I received a new Coach bag from a friend (seriously crazy unexpected awesomeness), then I heard that Mommy PR was chosen as a Top 10 Most Influential Bloggers from Cision. Who the heck gets their name in between Dooce & The Divine Miss Mommy? HUMBLED seriously.  I mean, the day could not get any better. Once I was all showered and dolled up, my youngest told me that I looked “pretty fashionable”. Talk about feeling awesome inside. Nothing could tear me down…until I found out I was the 1st speaker for the night. Gulp. My 1st speech ever in my career and I have to be 1st in line. Lord don’t let my weak bladder show itself today. …

Thankfully I did have some help. Crystal from Army Wife Life & Reviews came to help set up, tear down and man the table. I’m not sure how the woman made it out alive since she was just in the hospital the day before. (Don’t worry we took care of her) I had one of our extended network moms (Bre) come and take all the photos, her mom also helped with clean up and brought me a delicious drink amidst the busyness. They were all just tremendous friends.

We arrived around 4pm due to some (unsurprising) traffic in the area. When we arrived, there was already a line forming for the swag. We quickly started to unload the car and even found a teen & soldier to help carry things in. (Thank the lord!). The Kicker Audio box was so darn heavy!

One of the Simon Mall PR’s helped set up the table pretty quickly while Bre took photos and everyone hurried to get in line for the bags. During that time i was able to meet Angela from The Coupon Project, who gave a speech on how to save money with coupons without ending up like some of these hoarders on Extreme Couponing. Cool lady! Her table was always busy too, she gave a ton of ladies tips on saving money.

When 5pm rolled around; all heck broke loose. Never in my life have I felt so lost in a crowd. Take black friday and multiply it with free stuff. Remember the year when moms killed other moms for that darn tickle me elmo? This was like that madness; but without the elmo and weapons. Women just surrounded our table and went nuts. Thank fully i had Crystal to restock the popchips as they ran low, and Dot Girl was one of the best sensational products to these ladies. Journal Buddies went fast, as well as, all the Kicker headphones & earbuds. Bambo Diapers were a hit with all the new moms wanting to know about them (thank goodness for the free samples!), Piggy Paint enlightened many new moms who had never heard of the brand and True Royalty Clothing also intrigued moms with their unique designs. News traveled fast about our free Nurtrisystem food too. (By the way i LOVE the Peppermint Patty the most!)

My speech was called a little late, but that was A-OK with me. I was nervous and not one person laughed at my jokes or even listened to the whole thing. It was on family Stay-Cations and ways to save money locally (plus military discounts). Yea, i heard crickets.

If you did come to Moms Nite Out, you may have seen Cascade Ice in your swag bag along with $5 off coupons to Piggy Paint, a chance at $100 from Sears Outlet in Tacoma, more yummy popchips , Scentsy samples, and pamphlets from several of our sponsors. All provided to us for this special occasion.

For our giveaways, we did have several items, however in the massive crowd (i am not joking when i say that), some of the giveaways were slightly picked up and carried off in the excitement. But no fear as we still managed to giveaway 3 Kicker Dock Systems, and a 30 day supply of popchips wrapped up in a beautiful gift basket.

I do want to thank everyone who helped make this night happen, most of all my team on Mommy PR. Dawn, Andrea, Tara & Megan for all their hard work (on short notice!) lining up the great companies below. I learned a few things for sure and will surely take heed of that for next year. Yes, I want to do it all again! It was the most fun night I have had in awhile. It was exciting, a rush and full of opportunities. I met a ton of people and the support for Mommy PR was extraordinarily. Also,thank you to Melissa & Kerri from Seattle City Mommy who drove down with their adorable girls to have some fun (and fight the crowd).

To finish off, I want to leave you with a list of our superb sponsors, and some great photos:

Kicker Audio

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Supplied us with 3 Kicker Dock Systems & hundreds of headphones

Piggy Paint


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Consultant Sheri Carpenter sent us 150 samples & a goody bag filled with product

Dot Girl

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • One of our repeat sponsors! Provided 5 Dot Girl full size products



  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Provided 160 Granola bars & 160 Peppermint Patty cookies for swag bags & samples.


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Drove up to hand deliver 300 bags for the swag bags, a 30 day supply gift basket for the winner and 6 cases to hand out.

Cascade Ice

True Royalty Clothing

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Sent several shirts, onesies and outfits for giveaways, plus 10% off any future order.


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • A brand new company who quickly sent us 4 full size diaper giveaways, and almost 100 single sized diapers to giveaway, plus 10% off future orders.

Dreamcatchers For Abused Children

Birds & Bees & Kids

Journal Buddies

Sears Outlet (Tacoma Wa Branch)

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Sent us 150 Gift Cards, One winner will check their card with $100 on it!

L’il Critters

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Sent us a total of  300 of 2 types of vitamins for the swag bags

And Of course the wonderful National & Local Sponsors!

Simon Malls

Parents Magazine

Warm 106.9

Moms Nite Out

(If you use any photos for either promotion, recreational use or to make fun of my puckered lips in every photo…please just link back to us)

And these pictures were the BEFORE, see I told you we had a ton of stuff to giveaway!

(Click any photo to enlarge)

The following 2 photos courtesy of Tacoma Mall:

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  1. That sounds and looks like so much fun!!!! So glad to hear it was such a success for you and thank you so much for letting me be a part of it all. Let me know again for next year and I will donate again!

  2. Aww Angela you did great up there! You looked at ease and like you knew exactly what you were talking about. Nobody laughed because nobody could hear you. Not just hard of hearing me, but my friend has awesome hearing and couldn’t hear you! You rocked it up there!

  3. If you need help next year just let me know. Somehow I missed that this was local to me. I keep forgetting you’re practically a neighbor 🙂

    Looks like fun!


    aka Princess Time Toys

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