Mutant Mantis Lunch Ladies Book

Press Sample

Both of my boys are becoming avid readers and jumped at the chance to review this next book:

Mutant Mantis Lunch Ladies

Best friends Carlos and Benny have to find out why the lunch ladies have been acting strangely, getting caught up in some buggy weirdness only this silly, sassy duo can hope to bug-out in this stellar second book in the Monstertown Mystery series! Perfect for reluctant readers who love just-scary-enough mystery and mayhem, MUTANT MANTIS LUNCH LADIES by Bruce Hale has an eye-popping, paper-over-board format with a lenticular cover, and is filled with interior art.

Our take:  You know the book is a hit when it includes activities that my boys also like to do.  My 9 year old son would bring the book to school to read during breaks and as soon as he got in the car he would say things like “they like Pokemon cards too or they like to play with a Frisbee.”  The plot of the story is exactly what older elementary/middle school boys like to read about…bugs, mystery and friends.  It is a fast read that also showcases the differences between boys and girls and might open your boys’ eyes to the differences like it did to my boys.

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