Moving Forward with Life Altering Changes


This is the 5th installment of my experience with CalorieStory. Over the last month I have been able to move forward in a positive fashion using the tools that CalorieStory and the other sponsors have sent me to make positive changes in my day to day existence.

I have been  able to use the application to customize my caloric intake to manage my weight goals for my pregnancy. I can quickly see if I am close to meeting my daily requirements or if I am lacking (showing a projected weight loss for that day). I can also use this application to keep track of my water intake which is very important for a pregnant woman to manage. I know I have a hard time remembering to drink the maximum that I can.

I have enjoyed the GoodBelly 12 day challenge to get my digestive tract back on track. I was amazed to see how much energy that I gained over just a few days into the challenge. I’ve tried to eat smarter breakfasts and other meals using the key points The Carb Lovers Diet suggests (read more and enter the giveaway here). Instead of grabbing for a cookie or child’s fruit snack I reach for a filling LARABAR in yummy flavors like cherry pie and peanut butter and jelly.  I am not quite able to do much of the YogaPulse DVDs yet with my injury still on the mend, but I can do some of the relaxing moves. I am anxious to use this DVD set post postpartum to accelerate regaining a figure, hopefully a better one than I had before.  Then I will be able to fit into the beautiful purple tank top from Our Love Yoga, perfect for covering all those areas we don’t want to expose to others.

Through the course of the New Year New Me challenge I have been able to successfully make changes to my breakfast by going healthier and eating breakfast all together. I have been adding a banana (high resistance starch item) and a little hazelnut butter and a healthy grain at least 3 times a week and high fiber on the other days. Our family has almost completely cut eating out for meals on the weekends (when we go to town). When we do go out we order smaller portions or only eat half of what we receive and save the other half for another day. My last mini goal for the month of January was working out 30 minutes 3+ times a week. I started out a little rocky and I ended even worse with the injury to the nerve in my back, but all in all my heart was in that.

I have been extremely happy to have added Calorie Story to my arsenal of New Years Resolutions tool box and hope to keep up with my goal to lose 65 more pounds after I have my baby this summer.

If you would like to keep up with my journey please feel free to stop on by MNMSpecial
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