Mommy PR Team

Who is Mommy PR


I am a Mom (2 daughters age 8 & 12), Wife, & Military Spouse. I have a special love with Marketing and Social Networking. 

I usually has a bad case of the giggles, over use “LOL” and  🙂  My favorite Non-Profit is Dreamcatchers For Abused Children. I enjoy helping others & shopping. I am medically Vegan due to food allergies & intolerance’s. My family & I have traveled all over the world thanks to a being in the military. Destinations including various US states, Italy, Germany, Austria & Poland.
Since starting Mommy PR in 2009, we have written well over 5,500+ reviews for family friendly products, including travel destinations and vehicles. I, personally,  have managed social media & ambassador campaigns for Sears Outlet, Chevy Girls on The Go, Clean it Supply, Ju-Ju-Be  and Smooth Fitness. We do maintain a database of over 1000 bloggers, available for social outreach at any time.
Mommy PR, was nominated as a Noted as Cision Top 10 Most Influential Mom Blog in 2011, and in 2012 & 2013 made Cision Top 50 Product Review Blog. Cision 2014 Top 50 US Mom Blogs


My name is Andrea I am a full-time mommy to my 2 rambunctious boys (7 & 9) and 1 princess (3) and have two kitties.  I am also a part-time physical therapist at a Trauma 1 Hospital and a (sorry to rank you last honey) wife to my very patient and tolerant husband. 

I love to read, bake (not cook), play board games with my boys, talk on the phone to my -I live too far away- family and of course always strive to make you aware of the very best products available.


I’m a SAHM of 2 crazy girls (Emily:3 and Elizabeth: 1). My wonderful husband is transitioning out of active duty Army and will soon be starting grad school. I am a self professed al dente crunchy mommy (semi-crunchy). I love to cloth diaper, babywear, and feed my family organic. I’m also known to throw the baby in disposable diapers when the laundry is out of control, use a stroller, and whip up a killer box of mac & cheese.

In my spare time I love sewing, knitting and reading books. I love trying new products for myself and my family and I’m not afraid to give an honest opinion.

Mikasa (Miki)

I’m Miki, a late twenty something who is a military spouse.  I’m currently expecting triplets, that are due to arrive early 2016.

I’m a landscape photographer who has traveled all over Europe, capturing the beauty all around.  I love to cook & bake, hidden cafes with excellent cappuccino, art museums & am pretty obsessed with Disney & Harry Potter. I’m also having a lot of fun looking for new products to try, that’ll help make this wonderful triplet adventure a little easier to come into.

Mommy PR is not a traditional Public Relations Firm, nor should be confused for one at all.