Miyako Ceramic Knife Review


I was recently sent a ceramic chef’s knife from Miyako Ceramics for review. I really had no previous knowledge about ceramic knives before I experienced Miyako’s chef knife, so the idea of using a ceramic knife was a little odd to me. But you know me, if it has to deal with the kitchen, I’m game! Though it may seem simple or trivial to some, I was pleased that the knife came packaged very safely in it’s own knife box within the shipping box. I’ve been shipped my fair share of knives before, but I would have to say that Miyako sure does pakage theirs to make sure they 1. don’t puncture anything during transportation and 2. stay safe from potential damage during the rough ride to my front door. Like I said, it may seem trivial, but little things like packaging can go a long way! If they put that much care into proper packaging, I have no doubt they put extreme care into fabricating their knifes.

Using my ceramic chef’s knife for the first time was a little funny (for me at least). I pulled it out of it’s safe home and read the instructions on how to properly maintain the knife. Since it’s not a typical metal knife, it’s important to note you have to treat your ceramic knife a little differently. With my stainless steels I can do just about anything, but with a ceramic, it should only be used under certain circumstances. For instance, I use my stinless knives to smash garlic cloves, but you wouldn’t do that with your ceramic knives. But when a ceramic knife is acceptable to use, I now highly HIGHLY prefer to use it over my stainless steel knives! I’d have to say the main reason I will reach for my Miyako ceramic knife from now on is because it is razor sharp. I easily slid right through carrots and sweet potatos…which if you have any sort of dull knife, you know it takes a little strength to get through hard root vegetables. Second to the sharpness is the sturdiness. When I think of anything ceramic, I think of words like dainty, delicate and cutesy (I’m envisioning my grandmother’s collection of miniature ceramic figurine collection). There is nothing dainty about this knife, it was built to perform and last!


Not all ceramic knives are created equal. On the outside, they can look and feel the same, but after a bit of use, their differences quickly become apparent. Miyako Ceramics has taken extra steps to ensure that all of our ceramic knives are a cut above the competition. We pay extra attention to all the details to give you a knife as only Miyako can. Every ceramic knife we manufacture includes all of these features:

Stunning High Gloss Finish
Precisely Honed Cutting Edge
Super Soft Ultra-Comfort Handle
Extensive Quality Assurance
Extra Hard Ceramic

In fact, you can see just how hard “extra hard” really is. Here’s where you’ll find Miyako Ceramics knives on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, closer to the hardness of diamonds than the hardness of metal knives:

Besides being extremely study, super sharp, the Miyako ceramic chef’s knife is also pretty! Sure, I know most of you don’t think of kitchen utensils as “pretty” but this knife will draw attention when a guest in your kitchen sees you using it. “Wow, what kind of knife is that?!” I’ve heard that more than once now. The Miyako Ceramic Knives collection would make fantastic gifts for the kitchen connoisseur in your life! Whether it’s the paring knife, 5″ santoku knife or the 6″ chef’s knife, any of these ceramic knives will be put to good use and loved by their owner.

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  1. It took me a bit of time to get used to mine too. I really like it now, I hope you enjoy your knife for many years to some 🙂 thanks for the review.

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