Miss Priss Tutu

Every mom of a little girl sees the princess inside, whether her little girl is rough and tumble or prim and proper she is a princess to those who love her. My princess is one who loves to skateboard, try to play guitar and who is often seen with skinned knees and bruised elbows from all her tumbles, but she is a princess none-the-less.

One thing I have discovered about being the mom of a princess is that every princess, even the punk princesses like mine, loves to dress up and every one of them seem to love tutus. What better way to feel like a royal lil girl than to flit, or skate, or run, or tumble…you get the idea…with oodles of tulle flowing behind?!

Dallas Roe of was kind enough to make a tutu that matched MY princess’ precocious personality to a T! It arrived in a normal enough way, brown box…USPS label….tightly taped, but that is where the normalcy ended! Once the tape was cut and the box opened the magic began! My precocious princess literally squeaked with delight and made a mad dash for her bedroom to grab her armwarmers and legwarmers and black skirt that she always wants to wear as a top. Even at 4 yrs old she has her own sense of style and Miss Priss seemed to tap straight in to that without ever having met her.

Another thing about princesses is that they seem to have a thing for how something “feels,” remember the princess and the pea?…if something is uncomfortable, they are NOT going to deal well with it. This is definitely not an issue with Miss Priss Tutus! The stretch elastic waist band and the beautiful high quality tulle make for comfort aplenty and giggles galore! And although my daughter didn’t climb a tree in hers (yet) she did swing and “fly” and romp in the yard with no wear and tear to the tutu!

If you are looking for a perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift (order now and beat the rush in a couple months), or a “just for being MY princess” gift Miss Priss has a very wide variety of colors and styles of tutus to choose from in about every size you could want!

As a mom to a princess (I guess that makes me the queen) and as a child at heart who loves to see the joy of an imagination at work I have to say that Miss Priss Tutus are definitely a royal hit in our humble castle!