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I have been out of the baby game for many years now. My oldest daughter is almost 14 and my youngest is turning the big 10. So much has changed in the last decade for babies and feedings. When my oldest was born 2weeks early due to a heart issue, she was kept in NICU for nearly 14 days, there was no way to breastfeed her. At the time, I just wanted her better so I was not necessarily concerned about the feeding way, just that she was fed and healthy.  Then when my youngest came, she was right on time, no issues and placed right to my chest. She latched on immediately to my surprise and stayed there for 6 months. It was like a timer went off at 6 months and 1 day because she turned away and never went back.  I did feel sad, however again, as long as she is happy, healthy and fed, I couldn’t complain. 

I don’t stay too up to date on some of the latest news for breastfeeding, but I did see a really cool article on Babble the other day about a scientist who had different aged breast milk in Petri dishes. It was fascinating to see how a mother’s milk can/does fight off different viruses or issues in the baby.  It was crazy because I had just read the day before, how a baby’s saliva can backwash into the milk duct and the mother’s body creates milk based on the what the baby needs (ie- fight off a cold). I feel like I did not know all of this way back then! How fascinating are our bodies right!?

Other things I have learned, is that now Tricare offer’s prescriptions for breast pumps! This blows my mind because back then, you had to buy your own or get a hand pump from WIC. I had the hand pump and let me tell you how quick you can give that up lol. Hearing about The Breastfeeding Shop makes me smile. It’s places like this who create an easy, streamlined process to help mother’s prepare for their baby. I could have certainly used this since my milk had come in 3 months before my daughter arrived! (My doctor gave the ok to pump and freeze.)

Military no cost breast pump

The Breastfeeding Shop offers NO COST breastpumps to military families with Tricare. You can choose from Medela, Spectra, Ardo, Ameda, and Hygeia. (I had no idea there were others besides Medela!)

If you are pregnant or just welcomed a new addition, talk to your doctor about the benefits of breastfeeding and see if having a pump is right for you. Then visit to get your no cost breastpump.

(As with everything in life, breastfeeding may not be for all walks of life. Choose what is best for you and your baby. The most important things are love, life, and health, no matter if it’s acquired through bottle or boob.)

Sponsored   This article is sponsored on behalf of The Breastfeeding Shop through SoFluential. All language is my own. 

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