Micro Chargers Loop Pack

We recently had the opportunity a Micro Chargers Loop Pack

Ready, set, race with the Micro Chargers™ Loop Track! Micro Chargers perform gravity-defying stunts on this track set! Challenge your friends to see whose Stunt Car is the fastest as your Micro Chargers race the stretch, tackle the loop and then slingshot back to take on the loop again.

Contents: 1 x Loop Stunt Track  1 x Quick Charge Stunt Car  1 x Hand Held Charger 1 x Stats Card

My take:  Set-up for this product was exactly what I want- super quick and easy.  In less than 5 minutes the boys were playing with the Micro Charger car.  Here is a picture of what comes included:

The size of the car is super small (hence micro charger lol).  This is a picture of the car next to my engagement ring:

My boys had a really great time playing with the Micro Charger, so much so that I had to run to Toys ‘R Us the next day and pick up another microcharger car so they could play at the same time.  I really do wish that 2 cars were included in the Loop Pack.  The concept is simple, place the car in the charger then hold the red button to charge for at least 8 seconds.  Release the car on the track and watch it zoom around the loop and run circles in the burnout track.  I think we were all surprised at how quickly those cars zoom.  I also like how the top of the charger has a storage place for the car.  Two things to note:  there are stunt and race cars.  Stunt cars have red on their bottom, race cars have blue so make sure you get the correct cars to go with the track that you purchase.  Also the cars are only meant to be used on the tracks.  The 4 year old has used the carpet and wood floors and I have had to remove hair and fur from the cats multiple times.



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