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Michael Jackson The Experience for Kinect for the Xbox 360 sensor is more than just a game as it features a combination of dancing, singing and freestyle moves. Using the sensor for Kinect for Xbox 360, fans of the King of Pop will have the feeling of actually performing in Michael Jackson’s shoes!  Combining Kinect and proprietary Player Projection technology, fans will be projected on-screen and into the game itself, where their body will be tracked so they will see their true movements and steps reproduced in the game.

Immerse yourself in an experience never before seen as you are placed in environments inspired by the music and scenes Michael Jackson famously performed in.  Your performance will trigger effects, visuals and even the music itself as you try to match the talent of the greatest artist of all time.

Feel the excitement, the energy, and the raw emotion as you step into the shoes of the King of Pop. Step into Michael Jackson The Experience.

* Kinect Accessory required for gameplay

We had a ton of fun with this game. It was great because my oldest and her best friend (seen in the video) kept mentioning the new Michael Jackson dance game was coming out. When it arrived, it was no secret. I let them try it out and Brooklyn’s mom came out over to watch too. The graphics are outstanding alone. To be able to see yourself on the screen topped it all off for them.

It surprised me how many of the MJ songs these two even knew. What I thought was a generation gap, proved to be everlasting.

I would write more, but I had to tape one song/dance and let you see 1st hand what goes down in this house.

You can buy Michael Jackson The Experience on other game platforms. It even has its own facebook page!

Michael Jackson The Experience retails for $49, you can also purchase it on Amazon.



I received a game for my review.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Its one of those games that is fun for the kids but the adults can also have fun with it. (And you can get a good work out!) So cool!!

  2. Anyone who calls themselves a fan of good singing absolutely has to check out Celine Dion’s amazing stage show in Vegas. Why? Not only is she singing “Goldfinger” from James Bond, but she’s also covering the late, GREAT Michael Jackson. Incredible!

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